"My father stole my life from me. He was a totally crazy second-rate magician, and because of him, I'm nothing, I'm no one!" - To Jeremie in The Key

"Jeremie? Jeremie!" - Uncharted Territory

"And if you were just a bit less selfish, you'd realize that I got stuck with 4 hours of detention too! And for what? Because you needed to sleep! You lazy loser!" - To Odd in Replika

"Energy Field!" - Various episodes

"Jeremie, you think my father is still alive? My father, Franz Hopper." - Aelita

"You're back at last, that's great!" - To William in Wreck Room

"Hurry, Daddy! We can't stay here!" - Fight to the Finish

"All of this is so terrible, and great at the same time." - To Jeremie in Echoes

"Well yeah, they keep coming back now and then. And what's more, they're always the same. But don’t worry Jeremie, I'm used to them!" - Distant Memory

"No you're not! You should spend the holidays with your families. For me, it''s not the same thing..." - To Jeremie in Distant Memory

"What's wrong, ladies? Having a bad leg day?" - To Krabs in Opening Act

"What's going on? Why are you aiming at me?" - To Odd in Saint Valentine's Day

"William, where are you taking me? Let me go!" - William Returns

"I was really hoping...I'd see my father again." - Final Round

"I...this is so wonderful!I can't believe it!" - New Order

"Stones. Aelita Stones. Like the rock group. I'm Odd's cousin from Canada." - To Jim in New Order

"Well hello, my little monster friends! Didja miss me?" - To a pair of Tarantulas in New Order

"I don't believe it, he's trying to kill us!" - About Jeremie in I'd Rather Not Talk About It

"Jeremie? Why is there water on your face?" - To Jeremie in Just in Time

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