Alain Serluppus

Alain Serluppus is a French script writer. He worked on the first 3 seasons of Code Lyoko. Alain Serluppus is now also a comedian and director. He is self-employed, but is affiliated with Agence KAMAJI. A point of interest is that he worked for both France Animation and Antefilms, prior to their merger into Moonscoop, after which he worked for Moonscoop for two years.

Contact Information

Alain Serluppus
06 12 32 87 63 (France)

Code Lyoko Work


Noteworthy Non-Code Lyoko Work

This list is not all-inclusive at this time. Alain Serluppus has worked on such a wide body of work, that copying a list together would be tedious. This list is incomplete.

  • Wheel Squad
  • DONKEY KONG (1998)

Further Reading

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