This is the English version of the subtitles for episode 112: An Assured Professional Future.



  • Delmas: Welcome, Mr. Graven. I have been expecting you. I reviewed all the documents. Please come in.
  • Jeremy: But, why does headmaster want to see me?
  • Delmas: Jeremy, congratulations. You have been noticed, my boy.
  • Jim: That is why.
  • Delmas: Later you will say: "Mr. Delmas was the first one to believe in me".
  • Graven: Come in, my boy.


  • Graven: Your headmaster has told me that you one of the best student here. A genius. Is that correct?
  • Graven: It is the best school in Europe.
  • Graven: We have the best labs, the best equipment, and of course the best students.
  • Graven: but, I need you take a test.
  • Graven: And if I'm impressed, I will put you on the list of the school's future students.
  • Graven: Quantum physics.
  • Graven: Are you excited about that?
  • Graven: Do you know about quantum physics?
  • Jeremy: Er... I heard about it in... in a sci-fi book.
  • Jeremy: Yes, I love sci-fi. And comic books.
  • Graven: No, I am talking quantum physics. Do you know about it, yes or no?
  • Graven: Your professional future is at stake.
  • Jeremy: No, Sir, I'm sorry. I don't know.
  • Graven: Wait a moment.
  • Graven: No, yet another wrong pick. the boy knows nothing about quantum physics, he just admitted it.
  • Graven: Okay, tell Tyron I'll carry on.
  • Graven: Oh, and do let me know if the beacon sends a better signal.
  • Jeremy: Aelita, listen carefully, I don't have much time. Graven is one of Tyron's agents.
  • Aelita: What? Do you need my help?
  • Jeremy: No, I'm okay. But I heard something about a beacon. I think he was referring to a beacon that is hidden on Lyoko.
  • Jeremy: They might be using it to trace us. You need to check it out.
  • Graven: Okay.
  • Jeremy: I have to leave you now.


  • Yumi: But everything on Lyoko is virtual, right?
  • Aelita: Even though it is virtual, the beacon could reveal the supercomputer's coordinates.
  • Ulrich: The Ninja!
  • Aelita: What?
  • Ulrich: That Ninja who followed us to Lyoko. It's him for sure!
  • Ulrich: He must have activated the beacon before I was able to destroy him.


  • Aelita: You're going to walk on the same path he did. We need to find that beacon.
  • Aelita: Transfer: Yumi.
  • Aelita: Transfer: Ulrich.
  • Aelita: Transfer: Odd.
  • Aelita: Virtualization.


  • Odd: Do we know what the beacon looks like?
  • Aelita: No.
  • Odd: I mean, is it small? Large? Blinking?
  • Aelita: No idea, Odd.
  • Odd: Great. It could be invisible. Why not?


  • Graven: Wrong!
  • Graven: I'm done with him. He's not smart enough, he can go.
  • Graven: Please bring me the next student... Miss Laura Gauthier?
  • Graven: Now, please.


  • Odd: Aelita should be checking underneath.
  • Yumi: We don't need her to, the Ninja couldn't fly.
  • Yumi: He must have placed the beacon in a place that is easily accessed. Isn't it obvious?
  • Odd: Well, maybe the beacon has little wings?
  • William: There's nothing here. We have been searching for 15 minutes already.
  • Ulrich: Let's go down. The Ninja tried to reach the core of Lyoko.
  • Ulrich: He took the elevator, then headed to the Labyrinth. Maybe he put the beacon there.


  • Jeremy: Laura, Tyron sent an agent here. He has an agent, giving a test about quantum physics.
  • Jeremy: But it is a trap. Don't tell him anything about us, Lyoko or quantum physics. Got it?
  • Laura: Yeah, sure.


  • Yumi: Nothing here. There aren't that many hiding places though!
  • Odd: Maybe he just threw it? He could have.
  • Odd: Maybe that beacon has a small parachute.
  • William: Come on, Odd. I would have noticed it. He was fighting against me, he had no time.
  • Ulrich: But you got devirtualized the moment I arrived. He stepped back there and then fell.
  • Ulrich: Got it!
  • Odd: Aelita? We've finally found the Ninja's gizmo. What should we do now?


  • Graven: Come in.
  • Jeremy: Yes, Aelita.
  • Aelita: We have found it. But it looks complicated. You need to come here.
  • Jeremy: Okay, coming right now.


  • Aelita: I could isolate the signal. It's rather weak. It gives a precision of about 120 miles.
  • Jeremy: Good news. This means that he doesn't know exactly where we are, and that is why he is looking for us.
  • Jeremy: He probably sent his agents to every school in the neighborhood.
  • Aelita: However, the signal is fluctuating a lot.
  • Jeremy: You're right, it's evolving. It's getting stronger over time.
  • Aelita: You mean more precise?
  • Jeremy: Yes, and within a few days, the beacon will send our exact location.
  • Aelita: So why didn't Tyron just wait?
  • Jeremy: He doesn't want to waste any time, he fears us.
  • Jeremy: But we're safe, I tricked Graven, and Laura will do the same.
  • Aelita: What? Laura is with him?


  • Laura: Will I get a grade?
  • Graven: No. Just answer the questions. Do you feel inspired?
  • Laura: Well, it looks pretty hard...


  • Jeremy: Don't worry, I told her about him.
  • Aelita: But you know she can't be trusted.
  • Jeremy: Actually I had intended to stay there, but you asked me to come. And I thought it was okay to leave her.
  • Aelita: I'd better go.
  • Jeremy: Take this, it may be useful. I will take care of the beacon.
  • Jeremy: Good news: Tyron didn't locate us yet. Now listen carefully.
  • Jeremy: If we manage to destroy the beacon, his agents will have to search the entire radius of the area of 120 miles.
  • Odd: Cool. So, can I destroy that thing now?
  • Jeremy: Yeah, have fun!


  • Yumi: Jeremy?
  • Aelita: What happened?
  • Jeremy: No idea!
  • Aelita: Nevermind Laura. How can I help?
  • Jeremy: Don't touch or do anything.
  • Odd: Thanks for the advice, but we got that already.


  • Jeremy: We were able to figure it out. The beacon is in a trap. It embeds a security system known as "electromagnetic impulse".
  • Jeremy: Which is able to damage the supercomputer and thus Lyoko.
  • Odd: Cool...
  • Jeremy: No, not cool. If the security system activates, you will most likely be sent to the digital sea with no way back.
  • Jeremy: And that is what almost happened.
  • Ulrich: Can't you find a way to disable the damn thing?
  • Jeremy: Too risky.
  • Yumi: So what should we do? We can't just let Tyron locate us!
  • Odd: And what about throwing it to the digital sea?
  • William: Or maybe sending it back to where it came from: the Cortex?
  • Ulrich: Yeah, that is a great idea!
  • Jeremy: But the beacon contains a motion sensor. That's why it reacted to Odd's arrows.
  • Jeremy: It's sensitive to any abrupt movements.
  • Odd: Then we just need to be very careful and we should be able to move it.
  • Jeremy: That makes sense. If we bring it back to the Cortex, it will indicate Tyron's own position, which would be great.
  • Odd: If you need a volunteer, I'm in.
  • Ulrich: Do you think I would let you go at it alone? I'm coming too.
  • Yumi: So am I.
  • William: That makes four, then.
  • Jeremy: Alright, go ahead, remove it. It's just held by an electromagnet.
  • Ulrich: I take it and you'll be the pilot.
  • William: Why you?
  • Ulrich: I'm the one who let the Ninja set up the trap. So I'll do it.
  • Yumi: We are heading to the Skid.
  • Yumi: Alright Jeremy, we're ready. You can transfer us.
  • Odd: Ulrich, do you have a small seat belt for the beacon?
  • Ulrich: Odd, this is not the time for jokes.
  • Odd: Ready? Let's get going.
  • Odd: And I will take off gently.


  • Odd: What about a little loop the loop, guys?
  • Everyone: ODD!


  • Aelita: I'll go back to Kadic. All our efforts will be useless if she betrays us.


  • Graven: It's strange. Here you say you don't know, and there you answer correctly.
  • Graven: Yet those two equations are kind of the same.
  • Laura: I... Actually...
  • Graven: And here, on the first page, the question "Do you know about quantum physics?" has 3 possible answers:
  • Graven: Yes; Some idea; Not at all. You checked "Not at all".
  • Graven: But that second equation, which you correctly solved, does require some skills in quantum physics.
  • Laura: I answered randomly. I was just lucky.
  • Graven: Yeah, of course. Lucky. I have some doubts about it...
  • Graven: Do you know them?
  • Laura: No. Who are they? Some cartoon characters?
  • Graven: Are they your friends?
  • Graven: One of those avatars might even be yours.
  • Graven: No. None of them looks like you.
  • Graven: Maybe you're the one left behind.
  • Graven: The one that is not trusted.


  • Ulrich: Two Kongres are heading towards us!
  • Jeremy: Odd, you won't be able to avoid them. I'll bring you back.
  • Yumi: No, we will stay. William, follow me, let's take care of them.
  • William: With pleasure.
  • Odd: Cortex in sight, my friends.
  • Yumi: Odd, hurry up, a Kongre is chasing you!
  • Odd: Just a few more seconds...
  • Yumi: No!
  • Jeremy: Ulrich? Odd? Are you okay?
  • Jeremy: Answer me! Are you still there? Answer me!
  • Odd: We are fine, Jeremy.


  • Laura: I don't know anything, I already told you. Please leave me alone.
  • Graven: Alright.
  • Laura: General manager of...
  • Graven: That school is just the tip of the iceberg.
  • Graven: I control all of the biggest European labs and the biggest particle accelerator in the world.
  • Graven: So, if you tell me what I want to hear, your future is assured.
  • Graven: You will be able to pick your lab and work with the brightest scientists.
  • Graven: Don't you think your parents would be proud of you?
  • Graven: Anyway, sooner or later, I'll catch your friends.
  • Graven: So be smart. Think for yourself.
  • Laura: I... Maybe I could...
  • Laura: Aelita? But...
  • Aelita: There's a beacon on Lyoko. Tyron has found us.
  • Aelita: We are ready to surrender.
  • Graven: Show me the supercomputer.


  • Odd: Come on, how long do you intend to wait?
  • Ulrich: Odd, we have to stick to the plan. We need to wait for the next shift.
  • Odd: But even after a shift, there could be another one just after.
  • Yumi: Maybe, but let's do it as planned. So we will wait for the next one, then Ulrich will put down the beacon and we'll go back.
  • Odd: Pff I hate it when I have nothing to do...


  • Jeremy: Yes, Aelita?
  • Aelita: Here it is, Mr. Graven. A secret passage leading to a disused factory.
  • Graven: I'll follow you.
  • Jeremy: Alert! Aelita is bringing Graven to the lab.
  • Everyone: What?
  • Jeremy: Laura probably failed to trick him. I guess Aelita wants me to launch a return to the past.
  • Jeremy: It is the right thing to do. This way Graven won't remember anything.
  • Jeremy: But you need to come back before I can launch it.
  • Ulrich: So let's take action right now.
  • Odd: Finally!
  • Jeremy: Are you sure, Ulrich?
  • Ulrich: Yeah, I am. Transfer me and let's finish this.
  • Ulrich: Oh no! It can't be!
  • Jeremy: I'll devirtualize you all.
  • Odd: And Ulrich?
  • Jeremy: I'll take care of him, but I need to bring you back first.
  • Jeremy: Ulrich, I can't devirtualize you as long as you're holding the beacon.
  • Jeremy: You need to put it down somewhere.
  • Ulrich: I can't, Jeremy. It would go off immediately.
  • Jeremy: I have an idea. Go as high as you can and then throw it.
  • Jeremy: I'll devirtualize you before it hits the ground.
  • Ulrich: Are you sure it will work?
  • Jeremy: I don't have any better idea.
  • Jeremy: Ulrich, we are running out of time. I am starting a countdown. Good luck.
  • Graven: Well, well, well. What do we have here?
  • Graven: Congrats, kid. You almost got me.
  • Graven: Tyron was right not to underestimate you.
  • Yumi: Ulrich!
  • Ulrich: I'm okay...
  • William: Ulrich is with us.
  • Aelita: Goodbye, Mr. Graven. Have a nice return to the past.
  • Graven: What?


  • Graven: Yes?
  • Graven: What do you mean, the beacon is malfunctioning?
  • Graven: Ferdinand, let's go back home.
  • Graven: Of course I'm coming back. I'm not gonna play in some schoolyard.
  • Jeremy: We should be safe for a while.

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