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Anthea Hopper


Ultime mission 013

Anthea hugging a younger Aelita
First appearance The Key (flashbacks)
Known as Anthea Schaeffer (as Waldo Saheffer's wife)
Anthea Tyron (as Tyron's wife)
Physical information
Species Human
Hair color Bright pink (Seasons 2, 4)
Blonde (Season 5)
Eye color Black
Played by Sandrine Rigaux (2013-present)

Anthea Hopper-Schaeffer was the wife of Waldo Franz Schaeffer, and Aelita 's long-lost mother. She is now the wife of Lowel Tyron in Switzerland.


In Aelita's suppressed memories in The Key, she is/was depicted as a pretty young woman with tan skin, black eyes, and waist-length bright pink-colored hair, which Aelita had clearly inherited. 

However, in Season 5, her hair is shown to be blonde.


Prior to the Series

Anthea Hopper was a lovely young woman who eventually fallen for the computer genius and scientist Waldo Shaffer and later married him. The couple had lived in a cabin on a snowy mountain somewhere in France, where she become pregnant with Aelita.

Season Two

In the final episode, she was first seen in flashbacks of Aelita's long-lost memories of her life on Earth. She had stood side by side with her husband and looked on lovingly as her young daughter made a snowman, and warned her not to go out too far. At Christmastime, she watched Aelita open her present of Mister Puck and asked if she liked her elf and hugged her daughter. She was last seen sitting on a white armchair in the living room, but then mysterious disappeared.

Season Four

After being kidnapped (as shown in Distant Memory) by the mysterious Men In Black on Mountain Cabin, Aelita and Franz Hopper had moved to The Hermitage and later virtualized themselves onto the virtual world of Lyoko. She was taken away to an unknown place; presumably Tyron's laboratory in Switzerland, and was never seen or heard from again for years. 

Her maiden name is Hopper. Waldo Schaeffer had changed his name to Franz Hopper by taking her maiden name (Hopper) in order to remain hidden from his enemies. The Project Carthage folder also includes a photo of her skiing while pregnant with Aelita. This gives an idea of Project Carthage's length.

Season Five: Evolution

In the eleventh episode, Rendezvous, X.A.N.A's polymorphic specter had taken on Anthea's form and sent Aelita an e-mail, telling her to meet up with her in the chapel. Aelita was so relieved to see her mother again that she suspected nothing at all. "Anthea" gave Aelita a warm, motherly hug and started draining source codes from her. A horrified Jeremie soon appeared and imminently realized that she was hugging a specter. He quickly pulled Aelita away from her and tried to convince her that her mother was a specter, but Aelita refused to believe it and ran back to the spectre and hugged it again, allowing it to drain even more codes. Jeremie tried to save her again, but this time the spectre preventing him from coming closer by attacking. When the tower is deactivated, the spectre blows up and Aelita thinks that Jeremie did something to her mother, but this time Jeremie manages to convince her that it was not her mother. The specter had acted just like the real Anthea would with her daughter; such as caressing her hair, bringing up childhood memories, and holding her close in a warm, motherly hug.

In "Obstinacy", it is shown that the real Anthea is still alive and is working alongside Tyron in his own laboratory.

In The Trap, Aelita was in Carthage and talked with her father about seeing her mother in the Cortex's core, promising that she would do everything she could to find her mother and his wife. In Aelita's room, Anthea was seen in a photograph with her arms around a five-year old Aelita. Later, Jeremie had returned to see that Aelita had received many replies and that a virtual chain was currently being created to help find her long-lost mother. Jeremie assured Aelita that he was sure they would find her no matter what.

In Espionage, Aelita had opted to stay in the Cortex's core in the hope of communicating with her mother. She later had a nightmare that her mother never wanted to see her again. With Jeremie's aid, Aelita desperately tried to convince Anthea that she is her long-lost daughter and that she is alive. At first, Anthea thought it was a trick, saying that her daughter had died years ago. Aelita then mentioned that her late father had saved her by virtualizing her on Lyoko, where Anthea had realized that she was indeed her long-lost daughter, Aelita. Unfortunately, the conversation was cut off by Tyron before she could react further.

In the cliffhanger, Ultimate Mission, it is revealed that Anthea and Tyron had been legally married since four years, and Tyron went to Kadic to bring Aelita to Switzerland; claiming that Anthea had sent him personally. To coerce Aelita to come with him willingly, he gave her a heart shaped locket with a picture of Aelita and Anthea and showed Aelita a video of her mother in his tablet, saying that she is happy to know that she is alive and she can trust Tyron, and Tyron reveals to Aelita that he only married Anthea to get his hands on Franz Hopper's archives and gave Aelita a ultimatum: To see her mother again or launch a virus in Cortex and never see her mother again. To Tyron's surprise, Aelita chooses to launch the virus but Tyron later shut down his supercomputer, destroying the Cortex and rendering X.A.N.A. dormant once again.

It is unknown whether Anthea will ever learn the truth about her second husband's true motives in marrying her, and be reunited with her long-lost daughter, or if she is aware about Tyron's motives and is working for him for another reason.


Season Two

Season Four

Season Five (Code Lyoko: Evolution)

Season Six


  • Just like her former husband, she is a recurring character but minor in the show.
  • In the fifth season, Anthea is shown to have blonde hair instead of bright pink.
  • Her first name is revealed to be Anthea in Episode 90, Wrong Exposure.
  • In the French dub, in seasons 1-4 she was played by either Nathalie Stas or Alexandra Correa. This is disputed. She is played by Sandrine Rigaux in the fifth season.


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