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Bruno Merle is a French writer who worked on Code Lyoko. He is most famous for writing several episodes of Code Lyoko, and for directing "Héros", a horror comedy. He usually partnered with Jean-Rémi François for writing.

Code Lyoko Work


Noteworthy non-Code Lyoko work


  • La fille des étoiles
  • Heidi
  • Confusion
  • Sherlock Yack: Zoo-Detective
  • Zombie Hotel
  • Martin Morning
  • Le tombeur
  • Plus que parfait
  • Walter Melon


  • Confusion (Short)
  • Héros
  • Le tombeur (Short)
  • Plus que parfait (Short)
  • La fille des étoiles


  • The Violettes


  • Nominated: 2007 Golden Camera Award for "Héros"
  • Nominated: 2007 Free Spirit Award for "Héros"

Further Reading

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