Routine - A Bug detected

A bug occured in Odd's virtualization.

Bugs are systematic errors caused by a drop in the supercomputer's calculating capacity. Bugs can effect what is in the real world and in Lyoko.

In Common Interest, the supercomputer bugged up the superscan on Jeremie's computer, causing it to show no activated tower.

In Is Anybody Out There?, X.A.N.A. bugged the superscan so they couldn't localize the tower.

In Sabotage, X.A.N.A. possess Michael Riley, and had him badly fry all the memory boards which greatly bugged the supercomputer, and nearly lead to it's destruction.

In Hard Luck, Odd becomes glitched with a mysterious bug, and slowly but surely it transfers to the other warriors, devirtualizing them one by one. Bugs also cause the Lyoko Warriors to freeze in place and/or effects their powers. The same goes for X.A.N.A.'s monsters, however.


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