Carthage Replika
The Skid in the Carthage Replika
The Skid in the Carthage Replika.
First appearance A Space Oddity
Also known as Sector 5 Replika
Terrain features A direct clone of Carthage, with the security system intact.

The Carthage Replika is the third replika seen in the series. It was first seen in A Space Oddity. As usual, this Replika contains one sector; Carthage, "although the Skid emerged from the Digital Sea from what seemed to be the Desert Replika". The Supercomputer for the replica was located in the heart of a Space Station. Unlike Jeremie's recreation, this version of Carthage still contains a security system which can only be deactivated by tripping the key lever. Ulrich manages to hit it in time, but gets devirtualized in the process. This Replika was destroyed in the same episode after Odd split some pipes which leaked water onto the computer interface, causing the whole computer to short-circuit and explode.


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