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"That's a job for a cat."

–Ulrich to Odd in "Straight to Heart."

Cat Climb
Fausse piste 276
Climbing up the wall in "False Lead."
First appearance New Order
Channeled through Paws
User Odd

Cat Climb is one of Odd's feline abilities. Odd is able to climb up structures and the like on Lyoko. Among the Lyoko Warriors, Odd seems to be the only one able to scale structures and walls. Odd can climb using the claws on his Lyoko outfit. This feline ability can also be called superhuman/enhanced climbing or simply cat climbing. 

TV Show

Odd uses this ability to climb across Aelita's ice shield in Saint Valentine's Day. Odd also uses it in the third season to avoid falling into the Digital Sea in the episode False Lead.

Later on in the fourth season, Odd uses it to confuse a Tarantula in the Desert Sector when he climbed a large boulder.

Video Game

In Code Lyoko: Quest for Infinity, it allows him to climb up the space between two walls by swinging between them and using his claws for grip. This technique is used mainly to reach hidden bonuses and shortcuts to various parts of the sector. He can also climb up certain indicated surfaces.

Times when Used

Season Two

Season Three

Season Four

Season Five

Used in other Media

Video Games

  • Get Ready to virtualize
  • Quest for Infinity
  • Fall of X.A.N.A.



  • This ability was not used when Odd was a spectre on Earth.


Seasons 2-4

Quest for Infinity

See Also

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