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This is the English version of the subtitles for episode 107: Chaos at Kadic, the twelfth episode of Code Lyoko Evolution and the 107th episode of Code Lyoko.



  • Odd: Huh?! Are you sure?
  • Mrs. Hertz: And Nicholas... Excellent results, too!
  • Aelita: I can't believe it! There has to be a mistake, right?
  • Jeremie: You have a sharp tongue! They worked hard, that's all!
  • Mrs. Hertz: Laura, this was very, very bad! And the same goes for you, Jeremy! Catastrophic results, I don't understand, you are now at the bottom of the class!
  • Aelita: Now do you think that something might be wrong?!
  • Jeremy: Yeah, maybe!
  • Laura: This doesn't make sense! There must be a mistake!
  • Ulrich: And you don't find this strange?!
  • Odd: Come on, these results are perfect!


  • Mr. Delmas: Uhh... Your attention, please! We've been having some serious computer issues this morning! It seems a number of these errors effected your grades on your reports!
  • Odd: Oh no...
  • Mrs. Hertz: Please stay calm!
  • Mr. Delmas: So, please give them back to me and we'll work to fix this situation as soon as possible!
  • Mrs. Hertz: Okay, give me your reports!
  • Odd: No way... this is too depressing!
  • Mr. Delmas: Suzanne, I don't know what's going on here today, because nothing is working properly. For example, six tons of hay have just been delivered to the cafeteria!
  • Mrs. Hertz: What?!
  • Mr. Delmas: Yes I know, it's incomprehensible! It's insanity...


  • Jeremy: What is happening today is quite strange, isn't it?
  • Aelita: Do you really think...
  • Jeremy: Who else do you think could attack the network like that?!
  • Ulrich: For you, X.A.N.A. is behind everything. Couldn't it be a mere bug, for once?!
  • Odd: Yeah, and X.A.N.A. attacking just to give me some good grades, I don't think X.A.N.A. would do that...
  • Jeremy: Like I said! Let's go to the lab!
  • Odd: For once X.A.N.A. was nice to me...!


  • Ulrich: Why can't we see an activated tower on Lyoko?!
  • Jeremy: Don't know... The holoscan doesn't detect anything!
  • Aelita: So, then why did your app send you an alert?!
  • Jeremy: I really don't know.
  • Odd: That's easy: either your app is bugged up or the holoscan is malfunctioning.
  • Laura: Or there maybe no attack at all...
  • Aelita: We do not know for sure, so we should check it out, right?!
  • Jeremy: Aelita is right. I'd like to check it out too! You'll go to Lyoko and scan every sector. Laura and I will check the system. Okay?
  • Odd: But how are we supposed to scan the sectors without the holoscan?
  • Jeremy: Don't worry. You'll find out!
  • Odd: "You'll find out"? I don't like when he says that!
  • Jeremy: Okay, I'll call the others. We may need some reinforcements! Yumi? Is William with you?
  • Aelita: I'm ready to be transferred, Jeremy!
  • Jeremy: Transfer: Aelita. Transfer: Odd. Transfer: Ulrich. Okay, now listen to me. I'll send you some mini-scanners. Their range is not very long, but if you move through the sectors, we should find out soon!

  • Odd: That's really some mini-stuff indeed. There's nothing here...
  • Jeremy: I told you, Odd! They are short range! You need to move around a bit!
  • Odd: On foot? You've never been here for sure! I only have two mini-legs!
  • Jeremy: Alright, Odd. You win
  • Odd: Ah! So much better! Your plan had better work, Jeremy!
  • Jeremy: It's the only one I have, so far! Aelita, is everything okay?
  • Aelita: Yes Jeremie, I've got it. But there is nothing here!
  • Jeremy: Go and inspect the labyrinth. If there's an activated tower, it will be there! But... Be careful, Aelita! I don't like it when you're alone!
  • Aelita: I know. Don't worry.
  • Ulrich: Hey, I'm alone too. Aren't you worried about me?
  • Jeremy: Umm... well... Yes. Anything new?
  • Ulrich: No. Nothing. It's really quiet here also. Did you find anything?
  • Jeremy: No, not yet. Keep looking.
  • Yumi: So, what this attack about? Where does it come from?
  • Jeremy: Well, we don't really know. The bug at the school may have nothing to do with X.A.N.A.!


  • Odd: Jeremy, something at last! There's something...
  • Jeremy: What is it, Odd? What did you see?
  • Odd: Well, nothing... Actually I can't see a thing! Ahhh!
  • Jeremy: Odd! Are you okay?!
  • Aelita: Odd?!
  • Ulrich: Odd! Are you here?!
  • Jeremy: Odd, are you okay?!
  • Odd: Well, yes, I'm alright. It was just... a rock.
  • Ulrich: Ha ha! Your friend X.A.N.A. is playing with your nerves, right?
  • Jeremy: Let's carry on! We still have work to do!
  • Laura: Wait, Jeremy, I may have something! Of course! The holoscan was not malfunctioning! It was just not looking in the right direction!
  • Jeremy: What? It can't be...! The attack isn't coming from Lyoko, but from the Cortex instead!
  • Aelita: From the Cortex? But that's impossible!
  • Laura: On the contrary. X.A.N.A. has gained power, so it's normal. It was obvious. Jeremy should have thought about it sooner!
  • Aelita: Hey, take it easy! It's not Jeremy's fault! Until now, X.A.N.A. never could have attacked from there!
  • Jeremy: That is not entirely true, Aelita! The first attack did come from the Cortex! But it was so weak, I didn't think that it would happen again! And now that X.A.N.A. has regained some power...
  • Ulrich: Stop, Jeremy! Relax! You were right about the attack, weren't you?!
  • Jeremy: Yes, you're right! Well, I'll take you all to Sector 5. Then you'll go to the Skid! Yumi, William, go down to the scanners and join them. I'll prepare for the transfers!
  • Aelita: Okay, no time to lose, let's go!
  • Laura: Anyway, if I wasn't here, you would still be looking!
  • Odd: Isn't she exaggerating a bit?!
  • Aelita: Laura, that's enough with your spirit of competition! What do you think?! That X.A.N.A. is just some sort of computer riddle to solve in your room after school?! It's a real danger, you know! So you'd better calm down! Because, in case you didn't notice, we have some serious work to do right now!

  • Laura: Do you think that...
  • Jeremy: We have a tower to deactivate on the Cortex! That's our priority!
  • Laura: Hello? Dad? Er, yes. Alright! I'm coming! That was my father. He's at the school with Delmas!
  • Jeremy: Your father?!
  • Laura: I've got to go!

  • Jeremy: Laura just left! Her father is with Delmas!
  • Ulrich: And what does he want?
  • Jeremy: No idea. But that seemed to put pressure on her!
  • Aelita: Then, let's hope that it will calm her a bit!


  • Mr. Delmas: Come in! Please sit down, Laura!
  • Mr. Gauthier: My dear Laura, I am here because I received your wonderful report card!
  • Laura: I know dad...
  • Mr. Gauthier: Let me finish, please! Mr. Delmas told me about these "computer issues." Obviously this school doesn't meet my expectations!
  • Mr. Delmas: I can assure you, Mr. Gauthier, that this situation is only temporary!
  • Mr. Gauthier: But you do admit that you are unable to figure out the cause of this disaster! So you will understand if I believe that this school is not the right place for my daughter!
  • Mr. Delmas: But your daughter is very successful here. She's pretty well integrated! She seems quite happy here.
  • Mr. Gauthier: I'm happy for her. However, she's not here to have fun, gut to learn! And to become extremely efficient!
  • Mr. Delmas: I agree, but as I said, we are in the process of fixing the problem right now! Yes, come in.
  • Jim: Mr. Delmas? 
  • Mr. Delmas: Yes.
  • Jim: We just received 1000 pairs of pink flip-flops! What should we do with them?
  • Mr. Gauthier: Mr. Delmas, I shall now leave! Laura, I'll give you 5 minutes, to go to your room and pack. Goodbye, Mr. Delmas.


  • Aelita: Jeremy, do you think you'll be able to locate the tower?
  • Odd: And do you think you'll be able to do it alone?
  • Ulrich: That was a low blow, Odd! Not cool!
  • Jeremy: Very funny. I will be able to locate the tower once you're in the MegaPod!
  • Aelita: Okay, very well. We'll tell you when we arrive.


  • Mr. Gauthier: Laura, will you hurry up, please... It's incredible how long it takes you to pack! You look like your mother!
  • Laura: Dad, I know you believe that this school is a disaster. But that's completely untrue, I swear! On the contrary, I can do many more things than you think! Here, I really can become the best. I've got to stay!
  • Mr. Gauthier: Alright!
  • Laura: You don't believe me, do you?
  • Mr. Gauthier: No.
  • Laura: Then follow me!
  • Mr. Gauthier: Laura? Laura!
  • Laura: Come on, follow me!
  • Mr. Gauthier: Laura! You're definitely like your mother!


  • Jeremy: Transfer!
  • Odd: Hey Jeremy, please send us the Mega-thing on wheels.
  • Jeremy: Just a second! I have detected some hostile activity around you... I am sending it right now!
  • Ulrich: It's changing!
  • Odd: Well, that's a good start!
  • Jeremy: Are you okay? Is the Megapod still there?
  • Odd: It's going to fall into the Digital Sea! Jeremie, quick, transfer me into it!
  • Jeremy: Just a second! Transfer!
  • Odd: Phew, that was a close call!
  • Jeremy: Odd, two Megatanks are approaching you!
  • Odd: Got it! Transfer the other and we'll take care of them!

  • Jeremy: What are you doing, Laura?!!! Are you crazy?!!!
  • Aelita: What's going on?!
  • Jeremy: Laura just brought her father here!!!
  • Aelita: What?!!!
  • Aelita: Code RED, Yumi! There's no time to lose, shoot me! I've got to go back to the lab!
  • Yumi: Huh?! Shoot you?! No way!
  • Aelita: Didn't you hear me?! Shoot me!
  • Mr. Gauthier: What exactly is the purpose of this... interface? How long has it been here for?
  • Jeremy: Well... Er... It's complicated!
  • Mr. Gauthier: Complicated? My dear Laura, I guess you didn't mention the fact that I was top of my class at Polytechnique school, and that I had spent 3 years at MIT!

  • Yumi: Jeremy, transfer us, quick! The Megatanks are getting closer!
  • William: Jeremy, hurry up! It's getting pretty bad!
  • Odd: Jeremy, transfer them!
  • Aelita: Transfer! Take care of the others and I'll handle the father!

  • Mr. Gauthier: What are you doing here, exactly?
  • Aelita: I was just about to tell you all, Mr. Gauthier! We are working on a temporary school project using this interface using, which is connected to the quantum supercomputer we call "the supercomputer". I can even show it to you, if you wish!
  • Mr. Gauthier: Sure, I'd be glad, I'm interested!
  • Aelita: I guess you'd love to see it too?

  • Jeremy: Odd, can you hear me?
  • Odd: At last! Look, the Megatanks are chasing us, and we still don't know where the tower is! Quick!
  • Jeremy: The location should show up on your radar... now!

  • Aelita: You see, Mr. Gauthier, this supercomputer is powered by a nuclear battery, which has an excellent lifespan! And you wanted to hide this from your dad...!
  • Mr. Gauthier: It would have been a pity! I find it all fascinating! I'm amazed...! And Laura can use all this technology whenever she wants?!
  • Aelita: Exactly ! But I wonder if it was such a good idea after all!
  • Laura: Why did she say that?! All this is pretty interesting!

  • Odd: Will you leave us alone?
  • Yumi: William, try shooting at them!
  • William: I can't do it, they're too close!
  • Ulrich: Jeremy, find something!
  • Jeremy: Give me a minute! I'm calculating the next seismic wave! You might be able to take advantage of it! So, where are they?
  • Aelita: Don't worry, case closed! Just focus on the others!
  • Odd: Jeremy...!
  • Jeremy: Got it! Next tremor in two minutes!
  • Ulrich: We don't have time! We won't be able to hold them off til then!
  • Aelita: Okay, forget it! Odd, at the next block, turn left!
  • Odd: Uhh... Are you sure?
  • Aelita: Just do it. Now!
  • Odd: One down! Well done, Aelita!
  • William: An what about the second one?
  • Odd: Yes!
  • Jeremy: Odd... Still there?
  • Odd: Yeah, we're fine Jeremy! But it was a close call!
  • Jeremy: Hurry Up and deactivate the tower before the next tremor!


  • Jeremy: Transfer!
  • Mr. Delmas: This is a miracle! Jim, a miracle!
  • Yumi: I can't believe it!
  • Odd: Why did he come here?
  • Ulrich: We should ask Laura!
  • Aelita: She probably just wanted to show off, that's all! As simple as that!
  • Ulrich: Aelita may be right, but we still have a problem with her father!
  • Jeremy: We have no choice I guess!
  • Jeremy: Yep. But not for Laura, of course!
  • Odd: It drives me crazy that the return to the past has no effect on her!
  • Aelita: As for Laura, we will talk about her later, that's another problem!
  • Jeremy: Okay, so do we agree? I launch it?
  • Odd: Yep!
  • Jeremy: Return to the past now!

  • Mrs. Hertz: Della Robia. Bottom of the class.
  • Odd: Are you sure?
  • Mrs. Hertz: Jeremy Belpois. You're at the top, that's good! Laura. Second! That's good too!

  • Aelita: For me, she definitely went too far! She should be kicked out!
  • William: Well, Aelita, that's not so simple! We can't kick her out like that just because her father put pressure on her! Besides, she already knows too much about us and Lyoko!
  • Jeremy: He's right. Laura might bring us many more troubles if we rejected her!
  • Ulrich: What's going on, William? You seem suddenly so wise...!
  • Jeremy: Seriously. We'd better keep her, but under strict surveillance! You may come in. So, listen. We thought it over and decided to keep you in the group . But you'll only have limited access to the supercomputer! And one of us will accompany you every time. I hope you'll understand, after all that has happened!
  • Laura: Yes I will, but... (one look from Aelita) Alright, fine!
  • Jim: Ah, Della Robbia! I was sure to find you here! You need to go and see the Headmaster!
  • Odd: Really? Why?
  • Jim: Your parents are here. Looks like they got your report...
  • Odd: Oh no...!

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