Code Lyoko is a French animated television series that utilizes normal animation as well as CGI. Sponsored by Antefilms and Moonscoop in association with France 3 and Canal J, Code Lyoko follows the adventures of four human children who discover a virtual world inhabited by a diabolical AI, and take it upon themselves to defend Earth from it. They must enlist the help of a pink-haired artificial intelligence to do so, and deal with their double lives as boarding school students at the same time. The series was created by Thomas Romain and Tania Palumbo, and stars Barbara Weber-Scaff, David Gasman, Matthew Géczy, Mirabelle Kirkland, and Sharon Mann.

A total of 97 episodes were produced for the show, including the two-part prequel episode. Each episode is approximately 26 minutes, or approximately half an hour with commercials. In 2004-2007, Code Lyoko aired every day on Cartoon Network (Miguzi) at 5:30 PM Eastern Standard Time, although sometimes two episodes were shown consecutively in the cases of season finales.

On May 31, 2011, Moonscoop announced on its Facebook page that the show would be returning for a fifth season, partially due to a large dedicated fan base. The new season, dubbed "Code Lyoko Evolution", consists of 26 episodes, this time being a mixture of live action and CGI. It premiered online on December 19, 2012 and officially ended on December 19, 2013.


Code Lyoko tells the story of four boarding school students enrolled at Kadic Academy: Odd, Ulrich, Yumi, and Jeremie, who discover an artificial intelligence unit, Aelita, who is the sole inhabitant of a digital world known as Lyoko. The Supercomputer that houses Lyoko is also inhabited by an evil program called X.A.N.A., which plots for reasons unknown on destroying all humans on our fair planet. X.A.N.A. attacks Earth by using towers to hack into electronic devices, possess objects, or take control of non-sentient organisms. Our four heroes must then escort Aelita to the activated tower, where she deactivates it, and saves humanity in the process. X.A.N.A. develops many different strategies to try and kill our heroes, such as making them listen to music that makes people go into a coma and die, imprisoning them within Lyoko, trapping them inside a virtual world nearly identical to Earth, sending two trains carrying poisonous chemicals to crash into each other, and various other schemes. During this time, the main characters deal with their school lives, fall in love, become rivals, yell at each other, go crazy, and generally deal with their split lives.

In the first season, not much was known about X.A.N.A. and the history of Lyoko. X.A.N.A.'s attacks would usually follow the same pattern: X.A.N.A. would possess an objects like a teddy bear or a swarm of rats; the Lyoko Warriors would discover the attack, go to the Factory, and enter Lyoko, where they would battle X.A.N.A.'s monsters and escort Aelita to the activated tower; Aelita would type in the code at the last moment before someone would have died; and Jeremie would activate the Return to the Past to undo any damage that X.A.N.A. would have caused on Earth.

In the episode Code: Earth, Aelita finally materialized, and the show took on a new story-telling style. Although the episode sequences stayed the same, many of the episodes were built on each other, thus not viewing them in the correct order would lead to confusion. The second season also expanded on the characters' personalities, desires, etc. as well as on the creation of Lyoko and such. A new sector, Carthage, was discovered, and new characters, such as William and the mysterious Franz Hopper, came into the scene.

In the season finale of the second season (The Key), many of the secrets of the Supercomputer and such were revealed. It turned out that Aelita was human and Hopper was her father, and he had created Lyoko and X.A.N.A. to destroy Project Carthage, some sort of military operation years ahead of its time. However, there are still many unanswered questions. How did X.A.N.A. gain sentience? Why did Hopper wish to destroy Project Carthage? Why does X.A.N.A. wish to destroy humanity? Is Hopper still alive? What does he know about Carthage? What does he want? Some of these questions are answered in the third and fourth seasons, during which William becomes a major threat to the team as X.A.N.A.'s schemes to take over humanity become more and more dangerous, but besides Hopper's status, these questions are not answered.


Lyoko warriors

From left to right: Ulrich, Jeremie, Aelita, Odd, and Yumi.

The plot of Code Lyoko centers around five humans, Jeremie, Aelita, Odd, Ulrich, and Yumi and the antagonist, X.A.N.A.. Of course, there are various secondary characters worth mentioning, such as Sissi and her lackeys Nicholas and Herb, William, Jim, Milly, Tamiya, and various background characters who also provide interesting plot twists, such as Emily, Taelia, and Samantha. See more at the list of characters page.

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So far, there are a total of five seasons confirmed.

On May 31st, Code Lyoko on Facebook announced that they are producing 26 new episodes of a new follow-up series called "Code Lyoko Evolution". The show also commented on Facebook saying, "Your heroes will come back like you’ve never seen them before‼" Also, on a teaser poster, it shows then original characters from the previously aired series, which implies that all the old characters will be featured. However, the show will now be part live-action for the real life scenes and part CGI for the scenes on Lyoko. See Code Lyoko Evolution for more information.

The new season debuted online on December 19, and on France 4 on TV in France on January 5th.


There are five seasons total. The first four seasons contain ninety-seven episodes of Code Lyoko, including a two-part prequel, with the fifth season being twenty-six episodes, bringing the total number of episodes to 123.


So far, three DVD volumes have been released: X.A.N.A. Unleashed, Movies, Music, and Mayhem, X.A.N.A. Possessed, and X.A.N.A. Attacks. They each contain 4 to 5 episodes, with the fifth being stated as a "special episode", with redone sound and updated animation, etc. They are all released by Funimation.

All four seasons of Code Lyoko are now available for download on iTunes.


Since its arrival, Code Lyoko has some divisive elements. While it achieved moderate ratings as a result of being on Cartoon Network, and has a large amount of fans, some say the episodes in the first season are redundant (This being due to an executive request so that viewers could familiarize themselves with the series' setting), and that the attempted romance between teenagers is unrealistic and therefore a failed attempt at a soap opera. However, many say its blend of different genres, including Action/Adventure, Romance, a little hint of drama, character development (Aelita the most prominent example) and a story that is both surprisingly deep and dark for a kids show makes the show an excellent view. Also, some have criticized the size of the kids' heads, saying that the art style makes them too large. It also is notable for censorship at times.


Overall, despite the controversies and criticism, the series was well-recieved and has attracted something of a cult following. With time it's become better reviewed as more recent reviews have been notably higher than older ones, some even calling it one of the best shows in the history Cartoon Network and it's most underrated program. Similarly, IMDB's rating for the show has gone from 7/10 to 7.3/10 in a matter of years.


Prix de l'Export

Lionel Marty receives the Prix de l’Export.

Code Lyoko's status of France's most popular animation internationally was given official recognition in December 2006, when it won France’s prestigious Prix de l’Export 2006 Award for Animation.[1] The French fans gave the show their stamp of approval when they voted it the no. 1 show on the Canal J website.


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