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Code lyoko quest

The US Wii cover.

Code Lyoko: Quest for Infinity is a Code Lyoko game released for the Wii based on Season 4 of the series. It was also released for the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable.



  • Hard platforming
  • Bosses


Main Characters

Minor Characters










Various websites offer an emulated version of the game and it is easier to emulate a PS2 copy rather than another console. If you go to (PS2 Emulator) it will give you a choice of what emulation program you would want to use. Once you have that installed ect. you will need to run a PS2 BIOS (due to legal reasons, you cannot download of the internet) on your PC and the easiest way to get one is to copy one from a PS2. (You can learn how to by clicking here and you may want to download uLaunchELF). Once you have your emulator setup with your BIOS Dump, now you can download and play the game for PC here.



Gameplay and cutscenes

Character Models

Monster Models

Technical Notes

Quest For Infinity was built from the ground up for internationalization. Consequently, no matter what version, each version's videos have two versions each: one in NTSC, and one in PAL. The dynamic animation modules were coded to work for both as well. Since the graphics module was custom made, it didn't rely on the hardware too much. This is why the game was so easy to port to the PS2 and PSP. However, this made the game harder to emulate. Consequently, many emulators have issues with the game, with either lighting issues, missing elements, faulty transparency, missing colors, or desynchronized displays.

It's unclear what language the PS2 version was written in, but since it was released later, it was probably written in C++. It was compiled into MIPS assembly. The PSP version was written at least partially in C++. The original Wii version was written in C++.

The Lyoko rendering engine and Lyoko combat style were recycled from "Get Ready To Virtualize."

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