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Code Lyoko Warrior

Code Lyoko: Social Game is a social game online that was released on the May 2, 2012 in closed beta, and November 28, 2012 online out of Facebook. The game developer, 3DDUO, has promised that the social game will be faithful to the TV show.

[Pro Tip: (this is here for New players) Try NOT to spend your free Lyoko Points until you must. Best advice is to wait until you can earn enough for another character.*]


Code Lyoko: Social Game is a play on the Code Lyoko series in which the player becomes a Lyoko Warrior. After finishing the virtual set up of their character and choosing a class type, players will be able to fight against X.A.N.A.'s monsters and deactivate towers. Players are given 40 Energy when they first play the game, which are needed for doing actions in the game. These actions include things from fighting to recruiting players aid them in combat. The maximum energy the player can get will increase when they create a new avatar or receive a daily bonus.

As a social game, Energy is the amount that is expended when making actions. The currency in Code Lyoko: Social Game is Lyoko Points, which can be purchased through Facebook credits or by winning them through surveys and purchases. Lyoko Points are also rewarded when a player finish particular missions or consecutively logging in for 5 days.

Stats + Character Classes

These are character classes you can pick in the game + stats. (Stat credits goes to Les Lyokonautes du Social Game). You can buy a second class for 15 Lyoko Points (3rd-5th for 60) or earn the other classes by playing through much later on. Each character class starts on their own journey in Forest sector & must go from start to finish.

There are three stats: Force, Speed, Life. Each character has a set of base stats. Equipment can be found that adds (or even subtracts) from these values.

  1. Force (Purple) - is what is used to Attack a target's health (there is no defense stat, just defensive abilities).
  2. Speed (Yelllow) - how quickly a character goes first or has their turn to come up. Valueable for multiple turns.
  3. Health (Green) - HP, or # of health points. When goes to 0, you are devirtualized. Also, determines * ranking.
  • SamuraiXanaEye Samurai (Ulrich) - Well balanced class. (2.5 - 2 - 2.5) Pros: Few weakness ; Cons: Few Strengthes
  • FelineXanaEye Feline (Odd) - Archer-type class. (0.2 - 5.6 - 1.2) Pros: Highest Speed ; Cons: Lowest HP / Force
  • NinjaXanaEye Ninja (Yumi) - Ninja type class. (0.8 - 4.9 - 1.6) Pros: 2nd best in Speed ; Cons: 2nd lowest in other stats
  • GuardianXanaEye Guardian (Aelita) - Tank type class. (1 - 1.2 - 4.8) Pros: High Health Stat ; Cons: Low Force, Speed stat
  • WarriorXanaEye Warrior (William) - Power type class. (4.5 - 0.7 - 1.8) Pros: High Force ; Cons: Slowest.

Each character has a set of abilities that makes them valueable too. For example, Aelita will be weaker alone in the beginning, but stronger with teammates. And like Odd is strong with defensive abilities. More to come on this later.



One key aspect to Code Lyoko: Social Game is the missions that Jeremie will give to the player. Accomplishing missions will reward a player with experience, equipment, items, or Lyoko Point. Each mission will require different things; for example one mission may require the player to clear an entire sector with three stars. Others may include searching for items. Still others may include the simple task of deactivating a tower.


Powers give a player special abilities or increase the stats. Each time the player levels up, they are allowed to choose between two powers. Players also have the chance to spend Lyoko Points to have more choices for chosing powers.

Powers belong in two categories: Shared Powers and Specific Class Powers. Shared powers are powers that any class may have the opportunity of getting; it does not matter which class the player is in. Shared powers usually range from increasing stats to reducing the cost of energy in actions. However, specific class powers only belong to a respective class and only can be unlocked by that class. For example, only a Feline may unlock Torrent of Blows, a specific class power, and no other class may unlock that power.



A screenshot of a battle.

Combats are the battles the players fight in the game. Players are brought to a window that displays stats and the foe that the player will face. The player has a chance to analyze the combat, which will give the player the chance of being victorious in the combat. By clicking "Virtualization", players are virtualized and battle their foes. In addition to fighting enemies solo, the player can virtualize friends to aid them in combat at the cost of energy.


Equipment give the player boosts in stats. Some equipment even give special effects in addition to the boosts, which can make them very useful in combat. Various equipment is acquired by using Lyoko Points or by being lucky and finding equipment after a combat. There are five types of equipment that a player can receive. Equipment will be tagged with a rarity level of "Ordinary", "Rare", "Epic", and finally "Legendary". The higher the rarity is, the higher the stats and/or the better the special effect is.


Vehicles used in the Social Game do not make player move faster, but have a different energy system that is used instead. Moving with a vehicle costs 2 Vehicle Energy. A vehicle has a max of 15 energy. The energy used for vehicles does not fill up over time unlike Energy, and the only way to fill it up is by using a boost. The Vehicle Energy is represented by a green lightning bolt. Vehicles are also used by some of the Classes as a specific class power.

Boosts for Vehicles

There are 3 types of Vehicle Energy Boosts, Mini Vehicle Boosts, Vehicle Boosts and Max Vehicle Boosts:

  • Mini Vehicle Boost (Rare Loot): Recovers 3 Vehicle Energy.
  • Vehicle Boost (4 Lyoko Points/Epic Loot): Recovers 6 Vehicle Energy.
  • Max Vehicle Boost (9 Lyoko Points/Legendary Loot): Recovers 15 Vehicle Energy

Vehicles Used


Items are the substances that are needed for accomplishing various missions.

Lyoko League

Lyoko League, a new release on Aug 03, 2012, is an opportunity for players to play other people worldwide. Players are allowed three battles per day, and they are rewarded in experience and League Points. League Points determine the rank of a player compared to other people worldwide.


Code Lyoko le Jeu - Trailer officiel01:05

Code Lyoko le Jeu - Trailer officiel


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  • *First Tip at start of article: I know the equipment looks nice, but you will thank the Wikia later! (If you spent already like me, well time is money. Save up for new characters or just buy it to support the game. Again, it's in the start to help hopefully before start playing as the game is unbalanced for it's currency system. Jeydo (talk))
  • Try equipping items mostly for Force or Speed. Life is important for lasting longer for progress, but you want to earn 3 Stars in some levels eventually.

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