Here is a list of all known titles of Code Lyoko for the various dubs. Not every name is listed, since not all are documented.

  • French: Code Lyoko
  • English: Code Lyoko
  • Catalan: Codi Lyoko
  • Basque: Kodea Lyoko
  • Dutch: Code Lyoko
  • Finnish: Code Lyoko
  • Galician: Código Lyoko
  • German: Code Lyoko
  • Greek: Κώδικας Λυόκο
  • Hebrew: קוד ליוקו
  • Hong Kong: 至NET奇兵
  • Italian: Code Lyoko
  • Japanese: コード・リョーコ (Kōdo Ryōko) "Lyoko is called Ryōko in this dub due to the absence of the letter L in Japanese."
  • Mainland China: 虚幻勇士 (Virtual Warriors)
  • Polish: Kod Lyoko
  • Portuguese (Both Brazil and Portugal): Code Lyoko
  • Romanian: Code Lyoko
  • Russian: Код Лиоко
  • Serbian: Код Лиоко (Kod Lioko)
  • Spanish (Both Spain and Latin America): Código Lyoko
  • Welsh: Côd Lyoko

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