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We are currently editing 724 articles about Code Lyoko and its live action sequel series Code Lyoko Evolution, a story about a group of teenagers in an everlasting-battle to defeat an evil, sentient computer program inside a virtual world.

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  • Jeydo

    Hopefully it happens before 21 Nov 2016 - because then it's hard to have time to get anything done after that point (wife's birthday, Christmas, traveling, anniversary, New Years, her family birthdays, etc). I sent prayers out & plan to submit my voice for one of the English adaptitions. This is my…

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  • Jeydo

    I just added a video with lyrics for "A World Without Danger" with the 1st version sung by Subdigitals in English. Yet it was recently removed, so: Was it listed somewhere else?! This was a alternate verision from the one sung by Noam Kaniel. Please explain, thanks! Jeydo (talk) 03:16, November 18,…

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  • Jeydo

    Favorite Lyoko Song

    November 17, 2015 by Jeydo

    Mine is Break Away , the song that plays at the end of each episode. Either language is fine, but best part is when they're skating down Park Avenue. I just realized it had lyrics this year when I did some research, which is why I enjoy it that much more! Jeydo (talk)

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