Cold War is the ninteenth episode of Season 2 and the forty-fifth episode of Code Lyoko.


During the night, an alert from the Superscan wakes Jeremie, then turns itself off as the annoyed, groggy teen watches. In the morning, the school is lively as a rumour is spread about the arrival of a celebrity reporter nicknamed Thomas Vincent (TV), hoping to do a documentary on the kids. Odd is frantic, wanting to show him one of his short films.

When the man arrives with his camerawoman, he is rude and pretentious towards the teachers… He interferes in Suzanne Hertz’s class without authorisation and lets Odd down, obsessed with his story.

During recess, a tower is activated and the heroes go to the factory. They don’t meet much resistance from X.A.N.A. and destroy the monsters without difficulty… Icing on the cake, the tower deactivates itself…

The operation repeats itself many times but the virtual warriors don’t have time to go in because the towers are already deactivated… Aelita and Jeremie choose to stay on site to check the state of the Supercomputer, dismissing their hungry friends.

Odd satisfies his stomach accompanied by his two buddies. In the lab, an anxious Jeremie spots another tower activating and staying that way… Outside the temperature decreases suddenly, becoming a storm in record time. It also begins to snow, much to everyone’s delight…

When Yumi picks up her phone to hear Jeremie announcing X.A.N.A.’s attacking again, the slight breeze gives way to a full-blown snowstorm, the snow piling up quickly… The students find it difficult to get inside the buildings…

The intense and bitter cold, combined with the torrential snow, prevents the three fighters from returning to Jeremie and Aelita. X.A.N.A.’s cunning has bore fruit.

The whole school seeks refuge in the boiler room, while the outside temperature drops around -20°C (-4°F). Dressed more warmly than an Inuit, Odd, Ulrich and Yumi rush outside braving the elements, while the temperature approaches -40°C (-40°F)…

To make matters worse, TV tries to escape in his sports car but crashes into a tree, felling it. It falls on Yumi, trapping her beneath the trunk… The girl’s life is in danger from the plummeting temperature. Ulrich decides to stay to help his friend and Odd goes to the factory.

Inside said building, Aelita tries to persuade Jeremie to let her go to Lyoko, despite the Scyphozoa… Aelita arrives in the Ice Sector and leaves for the tower on the Overbike. On Earth, Ulrich’s efforts are in vain and Yumi remains in agony beneath the trunk…

Jeremie detects flying monsters on Aelita’s heels. She turns and sees with horror Mantas following her, outside of Sector 5, further evidence of X.A.N.A.’s increase in power… The rays bombard Aelita with their mines and the girl falls to the ground, at the mercy of the Scyphozoa…

Odd then arrives, practically frozen. Jeremie places him in a scanner and sends him to Lyoko: on his Overboard, he chases the Schyphozoa, makes it through the wall of mines and drops Aelita at the foot of the Tower. He turns to face his enemy but not even his shield can protect him from being devirtualised.

Aelita runs into the Tower and enters the Code Lyoko, stopping the drop in temperature. Odd returns to the lab panicked, ordering Jeremie to launch a Return to the Past. Jeremie does so, saving Yumi and the entire city just in time.

Starting the day again, the heroes don’t miss the opportunity to embarrass TV, by getting Rosa Petitjean to dump a stock of meatballs on him.


  • The original French name for this episode is Guerre froide.
  • Chronologically, this episode takes place after the events of both Temptation and A Bad Turn. However, it is aired before either.
  • Though Principal Delmas is very strict at times, in this case, when it starts to snow lightly and Jim tells everyone to stop throwing snowballs, Jim gets hit with one, and Principal Delmas is looking the other way, proving that he threw it.
    • This is one of the few episodes where Jim shows his kind side; he tells everyone to get back inside again (albeit in a more urgent manner, as if panicking), helps a little boy out of the snow, gets a fire going in the boiler room and later tells the children a story to get everyone's minds off of the bitter cold.
  • From this episode onwards, Mantas are able to leave Sector 5.


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