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This is the English version of the subtitles for episode 111: Confusion.



  • Odd: Ulrich?
  • Odd: Are you ready yet?
  • Ulrich: Hmmh mhhh...
  • Odd: Do you want spaghetti? For breakfast?
  • Ulrich: Hmmh mhhh mhh...
  • Odd: With olives?
  • Ulrich: Go on, I'll come on over later.
  • Odd: Okay, see you in the canteen then. You got me hungry with your pasta thing.


  • Yumi: A really strange thing happened to me at home.
  • Yumi: I was getting ready and some sort of electrical bug occurred.
  • Ulrich: I saw something pretty weird in the showers.
  • Odd: Mrs. Hertz?
  • Ulrich: No. It appeared out of nowhere. It was starting to take shape...
  • Yumi: And just disappeared. I know. I saw the same thing.
  • Jeremy: If XANA had attempted an attack, I should have at least seen something.
  • Aelita: Our classes start at 10, we would have enough time to go and check the holoscan, no?
  • Yumi: Sorry, it would be without us. William and I will have a test.
  • William: Sorry.


  • Laura: What are you doing?
  • Aelita: What do you think?
  • Laura: You're going to the lab?
  • Aelita: I'm guessing you'd like to come with us?
  • Jeremy: That's a good idea. There's something strange going on, we may need your help.


  • Jeremy: Nothing, nothing at all.
  • Jeremy: My app is working, everything is quiet on Lyoko.
  • Odd: There! An activated tower!
  • Jeremy: Where?
  • Odd: Just there, there was something for a split second. I'm sure!
  • Odd: There, again!
  • Jeremy: yes, You're right! There's an activated tower in the mountain secter.
  • Ulrich: And another one in the desert.
  • Aelita: What does this mean? Why do they keep activating and deactivating?
  • Odd: Maybe your superscan is on the blink.
  • Odd: well, Just a thought.
  • Jeremy: It's possible, but after what Ulrich and Yumi saw this morning, I'd rather say these are short attacks.
  • Aelia: Do you think it's another of XANA's tricks?
  • Jeremy: The only way to find out is by going to Lyoko. Are you ready?
  • Jeremy: Meanwhile we'll check the superscan program.
  • Laura: I'll take care of that.


  • Jeremy: Are you ready? I'll transfer you to two sectors.
  • Jeremy: Transfer: Odd.
  • Jeremy: Scanner: Odd.
  • Jeremy: Virtualization.

Odd is virtualized.

  • Jeremy: Your turn Ulrich.
  • Jeremy: Transfer Ulrich.
  • Jeremy: Scanner Ulrich.
  • Jeremy: Virtualization.

Ulrich is virtualized.

  • Ulrich: so, where should I go?
  • Jeremy: Don't know yet. just wait, I've got nothing for the moment but it should come soon.
  • Ulrich: Okay, I'm ready.
  • Odd: Forget about it, Ulrich. I feel it will be for me.
  • Odd: I better not strain any muscle.
  • Ulrich: You are an avatar, so you can't pull a muscle.<
  • Odd: You never know! And you'll see how fast I am, I'll be there before you can even start.
  • Jeremy: A tower just activated in the mountain secter. Go ahead, Ulrich.
  • Odd: Nooo! Really not cool. I was all set!
  • Ulrich: Sorry Odd, but I'll be there before you after all.
  • Ulrich: I see it. I'll be there in a few seconds.
  • Odd: Of course, with an overbike, it's too easy. That's not fair.
  • Jeremy: you're almost there.
  • Jeremy: Not again!
  • Aelita: Ulrich, it looks like the tower is going to deactivate.
  • Ulrich: Indeed. It just deactivated.
  • Jeremy: What is the purpose of these short-lived attacks?
  • Aelita: maybe setting up for a bigger one.
  • Jeremy: Send a message to Yumi, asking her to come here with William as soon as possible.
  • Jeremy: I really don't like this.


  • Teacher: Miss Ishiyama!


  • Odd: You know what? Honestly, I feel pretty good here and I even may have a siesta.
  • Jeremy: Odd, this time it's for you! Another tower just activated in your sector.
  • Odd: Where is it? Where is it?
  • Jeremy: To the east, inside the canyon.
  • Jeremy: I think you'll go faster with that.
  • Odd: Thanks, Jeremy.
  • Odd: Cross-country is not my thing after all. I prefer rushing.
  • Laura: Take it easy, guys. With such ridiculous attacks, XANA is not dangerous.
  • Aelita: XANA is always dangerous. There's just no logic in this attack.
  • Laura: Just because you don't see it, Does not mean that it doesn't exist.
  • Laura: For real scientists, Logic is at the very base of science.
  • Aelita: Right, and logic is also what remains to people with no imagination.
  • Odd: I've got a nice reception committee here: Three big Krabs.
  • Odd: usually I prefer them with some butter, but plain crabs are fine too.
  • Jeremy: Ulrich, go and join him. There's a way tower to the north-east.
  • Ulrich: Got it. Odd, hold on! I'm coming!
  • Odd: Don't worry, bro. I feel so good today.
  • Odd: Bye bye little Krabs, and then I'll take care of that tower.
  • Ulrich: Odd, are you okay?
  • Odd: Yeah, I'm fine, Ulrich.
  • Odd: But that's really strange, I didn't do anything and the tower deactivated itself.
  • Ulrich: Jeremy, what do you think happened?
  • Jeremy: I don't know, it's crazy, it looks like XANA is bugging!
  • Odd: Einstein, you'd rather be sure about that.
  • Odd: I don't want to put pressure on you, but Aelita's father would have already figured it out.
  • Jeremy: But not everyone is named Franz Hopper.
  • Jeremy: What's this thing?
  • Laura: Who is this Franz Hopper? Your father?
  • Laura: I thought your name was Stones. You don't have the same one?
  • Aelita: Can't you see we're a bit busy right now?
  • Laura: How is your father related to Lyoko?>
  • Aelita: Mind your own business.
  • Jeremy: There's something else going on. But on cortex this time.
  • Aelita: Do you really think XANA is bugging?
  • Jeremy: That would be an explanation. But I'd like to be sure.
  • Yumi: We came as fast as we could. What's going on?
  • Jeremy: A little trip to the cortex, what do you say?
  • Jeremy: Go right now, I'll brief you later.
  • Jeremy: Odd, Ulrich, I'll transfer you to the arena, then you'll go to the skid with Yumi and William.
  • Laura: Wait, I'll take the elevator with you.
  • Aelita: you're not going to stay?
  • Laura: I've got some homework to finish, I'm behind.


  • Jeremy: Are you ready?
  • Jeremy: Transfer: Yumi.
  • Jeremy: Transfer: William.
  • Jeremy: Virtualization.

Yumi and William are virtualized.

  • Odd: You missed some Krabs exploding spontaneously, towers deactivating themselves...
  • Odd: XANA is seriously bugging.
  • Jeremy: Odd, we still don't know for now. Hurry and go to the hanger.
  • Yumi: Jeremy, what's going on with XANA?
  • Jeremy: I don't really know. Maybe a virus.
  • Jeremy: It would be crazy. We've been trying to destroy it for such a long time.
  • Aelita: That would be some good news. Jeremy, I'll be right back, I've got something to check.


  • Odd: If XANA is bugging, this may be the last time we're going to the Cortex.
  • William: No need to get carried away, Odd.
  • Odd: Can you imagine? No more Krabs shooting at you, no more Tarentulas devirtualizing you...
  • Odd: The Lyoko-warriors will retire at last!
  • Ulrich: Really? And what do you intend to do with your free time?
  • Odd: I'll devote myself entirely to Samantha.
  • Ulrich: Well, I feel sorry for her.
  • Odd: Very funny.
  • William: What do think about that, Yumi?
  • Yumi: Don't count your chickens before they're hatched.


  • Jeremy: Transfer.
  • Jeremy: From now on, I need you to be my eyes. I want to see and know everything that is happening.
  • Odd: Got it. William is sitting next to me.
  • Odd: And behind, I don't know what they're doing. Probably holding their hands.
  • Odd: Ouch!
  • Yumi: Jeremy only needs the important things.
  • Ulrich: I second that.
  • Odd: Ouch! You're worse than Krabs!


  • Laura: You're not very discreet.
  • Laura: Your father created Lyoko, right?
  • Aelita: What gives you the right to search other people's lives and tell nonsense?
  • Laura: Franz Hopper, a genius computer scientist, who becomes a teacher in a school that hides a quantum supercomputer.
  • Laura: It was not that hard to figure out.
  • Laura: By the way, why did he suddenly disappear?
  • Laura: Don't tell me he preferred his research over his little girl?
  • Laura: Did he abandon you?
  • Aelita: My father did not abandon me. He sacrificed himself for me.
  • Aelita: And what about your daddy? Do you think he would sacrifice himself for you?


  • Odd: Jeremy? We have a problem here.
  • Jeremy: What's going on?
  • Yumi: I know you're not going to believe me, but a Krab and a Ninja are fighting.
  • Jeremy: Against who?
  • Yumi: Each other.
  • Ulrich: The Krab seems to be the attacker.
  • Jeremy: But why would XANA attack Tyron, since it gets access to the network thanks to him?
  • Jeremy: It makes no sense.
  • Odd: Anyway, the score is now 1-0 for XANA.
  • Ulrich: The Krab is heading into the core. What should we do, Jeremy?
  • Jeremy: Follow it. We need to find out what it's doing there.
  • Odd: Certainly not sightseeing, judging from the way he handled the Ninja.
  • Jeremy: I have no idea what awaits you inside. So be careful.
  • Jeremy: You're never going to guess what's going on. XANA is attacking Tyron.
  • William: I can't see the Krab.
  • Yumi: It probably teleported itself to the core.
  • Jeremy: What's going on?
  • Ulrich: Wow! It's pretty heated here. XANA sent some heavy troops against the Ninjas.
  • Jeremy: Where are the Ninjas?
  • Ulrich: They're near the central interface. It looks like they're protecting it.
  • Jeremy: The interface?
  • Aelita: XANA needs the supercomputer to access the network. Why would it try to destroy it?
  • Odd: If XANA wants to self-destruct, we should let it do it.
  • Jeremy: I wish it were that easy. But I doubt it.
  • Aelita: XANA must have some reason.
  • Jeremy: Try to get closer.
  • Odd: That's easier said than done.

Yumi is devirtualized.

  • Aelita: Are you okay, Yumi?
  • Odd: They noticed us!
  • Jeremy: It can't be, you will all get devirtualized!
  • Yumi: They're doing their best, Jeremy.
  • Jeremy: It wasn't a critic. I would like to understand what XANA is doing.
  • Odd: Okay, XANA is done now.
  • Jeremy: Ulrich knows what he has to do.
  • Jeremy: Ulrich, we absolutely need to know what's going on, so hold on.
  • Ulrich: You look like a big fan, you know.
  • Ulrich: Bring it on!
  • Ulrich: Tyron is done too.
  • Jeremy: Congrats, Ulrich!
  • Odd: It's difficult to admit, but you're the best!
  • Jeremy: Now get closer to the interface.
  • Ulrich: Done.
  • Jeremy: I'll send you a virtual card. We're going to download the data.
  • Odd: So, Einstein? What did you find?
  • Jeremy: It looks like XANA destroyed a security update applied by Tyron on his supercomputer.
  • Odd: And may I ask why XANA would have been annoyed by it?
  • Jeremy: Well I guess it was the source of the interferences on its attacks.
  • Aelita: Like the ones Ulrich and Yumi experienced?
  • Jeremy: It also explains the activating and deactivating towers.
  • Odd: So this means Tyron acts on his own, as if XANA didn't exist?
  • Aelita: Maybe for him, XANA just doesn't exist.
  • William: I don't get it, they're on the same side, right?
  • Jeremy: Not necessarily. Maybe Tyron ignores the fact that XANA lies in his supercomputer.
  • Aelita: In that case we should warn Tyron.
  • Yumi: Warn him?
  • Aelita: Tyron should be able to understand the danger caused by an AI getting out of control.
  • Jeremy: Aelita is right. We should try it at least.
  • Odd: Wait, I can't believe it. Are you sending a sweet note to Tyron?
  • Jeremy: Just a meeting request. Let's wait for a reply.


  • Ulrich: Yes?
  • Jeremy: Ulrich, Tyron has replied. Let's go to the lab. Tell the others.


  • Odd: Me, not diplomatic? I am better than William!
  • William: I never get angry, except when Ulrich bothers me.
  • Ulrich: You're the one bothering me right now.
  • Jeremy: Stop it! I said that only Aelita and Yumi will go to the Cortex.
  • Odd: I'd like to see Tyron too. Okay, we may not be diplomatic, but we could just go and keep quiet.
  • Jeremy: You couldn't do it.
  • Ulrich: But isn't it dangerous to let them go alone?
  • Jeremy: I'll devirtualize them in case anything goes wrong. Do you feel reassured?
  • Odd: But I...
  • Jeremy: Odd!


  • Jeremy: Transfer: Aelita.
  • Jeremy: Transfer: Yumi.
  • Jeremy: Virtualization.


  • Tyron: So tell me, you little avatars, what's this essential news I need to learn?
  • Tyron: Do you even know who I am?
  • Aelita: We perfectly do, Tyron.
  • Tyron: Professor Tyron.
  • Aelita: Professor Tyron, do you know about XANA?
  • Tyron: XANA? Never heard of it.
  • Tyron: What is it? A video game?
  • Aelita: XANA is definitely not a game. It's an artifial intelligence that is trying to take control over the network.
  • Tyron: In your message you said it was related to my supercomputer.
  • Aelita: Indeed. XANA lies in your supercomputer.
  • Tyron: If it was true, then I would know it.
  • Jeremy: Tell him that if XANA continues to gain more power, it will end up controlling the whole network.
  • Aelita: Professor, you don't realize it, but XANA is getting out of control.
  • Tyron: I'm the one controlling everything.
  • Tyron: Tyron fears no one, not even this that is XANA supposedly hidden in my supercomputer.
  • Tyron: Do you want the proof?
  • Yumi: What are they doing?
  • Aelita: Jeremy, they're trying to imprison us inside the virtual world...
  • Jeremy: I'll bring you back.


  • Yumi: It's crazy, that guy may be a genius scientist, he won't hear reason.
  • Odd: A genius? You mean a psycho! Just let me go and explain things to him.
  • Aelita: There's nothing to do. He doesn't realize he's giving XANA full access to the network.
  • Jeremy: Actually I think he may be helpful. His latest update disrupted XANA, right?
  • Ulrich: With what result? It failed after all.
  • Jeremy: Yes, but in that update I did find some interesting lines of code.
  • Aelita: You mean to help us design our virus against XANA?
  • Jeremy: Exactly.
  • Odd: Einstein, you're a real genius!
  • Jeremy: Well I'm glad to hear I'm not a psycho.

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