Diego Mestanza.

Diego Mestanza is a male actor who plays the William-related roles in Code Lyoko Evolution. He is most famous for his Code Lyoko-related work, and for staring as Pablo in the movie Cowboy Angels, which was directed by his mother, Kim Massee. His birthday is July 4th, 1993.

He can sing, and has been in a musical. He plays basketball, soccer, tennis, baseball, and American football. He has some basic rap ability.

Roles Portrayed

Role Form Seasons
William Dunbar Live Action Evolution
William Clone Live Action Evolution
William Dunbar French Voice Evolution
William Clone French Voice Evolution

Noteworthy Non-Code Lyoko Work

  • MUSICAL DEAL, a French musical of unknown content.
  • Balibalo
  • Cowboy Angels
  • Fanily
  • Silence

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