The Elevator is the transportation that appears in Carthage. It is used by the heroes to bring them to the place that they want to go.

Main Elevator

The main Elevator runs around the entire edge of the Core Zone, who wants to access it, must jump at the right time and lands on it. It never stops moving except when it reaches the Celestrial Dome or when the security countdown is active as seen in Exploration, when the Lyoko Warriors reached a platform for the elevator and it never appeared until after Yumi deactivated the key. It stops at the interface panel on the Carthage surface. The elevator is gyroscopic and has three rails that also have platform surfaces if it ever stops. It also changes directions when the wheels stop and turn.

Skid Hangar Elevator

It also has access to Skidbladnir Hangar, the house of The Skidbladnir. The elevator stops when Team Lyoko wants to ride it, and goes through a part of the Core Zone until it arrives at the Skid's Hangar.



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