Maillard Emmanuel

Emmanuel Maillard.

Emmanuel Maillard is a character in Code Lyoko. He is in the ninth grade. He is often seen with his hair tied back in a ponytail. Emmanuel is often mistaken for William due to his similar appearance and voice. For his first appearance he was voiced by David Gasman.


He was first seen in Seeing is Believing when he tried out as a drummer for Odd's band, but was rejected because he played a heavy metal rhythm instead of the rhythm Odd wanted. It was in this episode that Yumi called him "Mike", but this was more of a nickname. He made a brief appearance as a zombie in Attack of the Zombies.

He later appeared in The Secret when after Jim called his name, he responded with "present" (albeit in a more female voice).

Another appearance was in Kadic Bombshell where he is seen in the cafeteria serving food to Brynja.


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