Energy Slash is an incredibly strong and destructive attack that is used by X.A.N.A. William and at one point, Ulrich. This power is sword-related only, as an element of Ulrich's Katana and William's Zweihänder.

Ulrich only used it once in the episode "Franz Hopper", with the temporary modifications and upgrades added by X.A.N.A. Franz Hopper (who was thought to be the real Franz Hopper by the Lyoko Warriors). However, this ability was lost at the end of the episode, and for unknown reasons, Ulrich never told Jeremie about this stronger ability to his katana after this.

William uses it on a semi-regular basis throughout Season 4, Code Lyoko: Quest for Infinity, and Code Lyoko: Fall of X.A.N.A..

Times When Used

Ulrich's Saber

William's Zweihandler

Season Three

Season Four

Season Five (Code Lyoko: Evolution)