"Aelita, you're an angel."

–Yumi to Aelita in "Double Take."

Aelita flying in Code Lyoko Evolution.
First appearance Double Take
Channeled through Angel wings
User Aelita

Flight  is a special ability and superpower that Aelita possesses throughout the fourth and fifth seasons of the Code Lyoko franchise. Unlike other abilities on Lyoko, this particular ability can only be used via a pair of white, feathered angel wings, which appear only whenever she waves her hand over a star-shaped bracelet on her left wrist.

Times when Used

Season Four

Season Five

Used in other Media

Video Games

  • Quest for Infinity
  • Fall of X.A.N.A.



  • This aerial transporting ability is somewhat similar yet more powerful and faster than levitation.
  • XANA-William seemed impressed by this new-found ability Aelita possessed.

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