Françoise Charpiat

Françoise Charpiat is a french TV and Movie writer who worked on Code Lyoko, among other things. She has been active since 1994. She left the show after season 3.

Code Lyoko Work

  1. "Seeing Is Believing"
  2. "Log Book"
  3. "Satellite"
  4. "Claustrophobia"
  5. "Exploration"
  6. "Final Mix"
  7. "Vertigo"
  8. "Straight to Heart"
  9. "The Pretender"

Note-worthy Non-Code Lyoko Work

  • Cheba Louisa
  • Manège
  • Famille d'accueil
  • La vie érotique de la grenouille
  • The Tide of Life
  • Seaside Hotel
  • Polo
  • La smala s'en mêle
  • Plus belle la vie
  • Clara Sheller
  • Two of Kind: Spirou & Fantasio
  • Yakari
  • Toupou
  • La vie érotique de la grenouille
  • My Friend Marsupilami
  • Agrippine
  • Fantômette
  • SOS bout du monde
  • La Grande Chasse de Nanook
  • Léo et Popi
  • Les exploits d'Arsène Lupin
  • Highlander: The Animated Series
  • Papa revient demain

Further Reading

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