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"The only power I ever had was future flash, and it got wiped out when Jeremie was updating the supercomputer. And he never reprogrammed it because it was, and I quote, useless."

–Odd complaining about his lack of actual superpowers and abilities.

Odd's vision shows Aelita falling.
First appearance Teddygozilla
Channeled through Eyes and Mind
User Odd


Anticipation, (also known as Future Flash), was Odd's one and only real superpower in the first season. It allowed him to see certain events into the future for very short periods. This power would trigger at anytime without his knowing, and would last only for a few seconds. He had no control over it and it rarely activated. When it did, Odd usually lost his guard, which made him a vulnerable target.

However, Odd lost the power in the second season in exchange for his Shield for reasons that were at first unknown. 

In his first sudden vision, he saw Aelita drop into the Digital Sea from a canyon in Teddygozilla and it later activated again in Cruel Dilemma to see Yumi fall into the Digital Sea. After his vision was over, Odd used it to help Aelita find a way out of the labyrinth to the activated tower in Laughing Fit. Odd gets another vision when he and Ulrich are searching for the real Aelita in The Girl of the Dreams; it was revealed that she was trapped inside a Guardian.

It was eventually revealed in Triple Trouble that Jeremie Belpois had accidentally deleted this ability when he rebooted the supercomputer, since it was according to him, "useless", likely because the visions shown could not be altered, making the ability a liability in both combat and strategic planning.

Times When Used

Season One

Season Three


  • This special ability is replaced by Odd's lilac-colored circular shield in the second season.
  • "Anticipation" usually means great anxiety or stress. However, in this case, it means insight, premonition, or foresight.


Season One

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