Graven is one of peoples working for Professor Tyron. He was sent by Tyron to Kadic Academy in An Assured Professional Future in order to find Lyoko Warriors. He is portrayed by Frédéric Anscombre.


When arriving at Kadic, Graven disguises as a person from a special scientific institution specializing in quantum physics, and he is looking for kid with high intelligence and offering them a place there with an assured future. Mr. Delmas then introduce him to Jeremie, who is known as the smartest student at Kadic. Graven offers Jeremie a place in the institution, only if Jeremie can answers the questions in the test. Jeremie, which is get suspicious because all the questions is about quantum physics, denies knowing everything about it.

Not knowing if he is tricked, Graven giving up from Jeremie and move to the second smartest student at Kadic, Laura. Despite has been warned by Jeremie, Laura unfortunately let Graven know about her knowledge in quantum physics by answering all the questions correctly. Laura tries to insist she just answered randomly and just got lucky, but Graven doesn't believe that is the case. Graven is sure that she must have some form of connection to Lyoko. Graven then proceeds to show Laura a holographic images of Aelita, Odd, Yumi, Ulrich and William's virtual forms on his tablet. He asks her if she recognizes them. She denies it, asking if they were "cartoon characters". Not getting the answers he want, Graven plays on her feelings, asking if Laura is perhaps the one who is not trusted among the group. Graven soon gives her a business card, offering to give her a future in the best Labs and schools with the best scientists in the country, thus securing the best future for herself possible. He insists he will catch the rest of her friends anyway and to "be smart and think for herself". Before Laura can answer, however, Aelita burst into the room and declares they are "ready to surrender" to Graven. Graven forces them to take him to the lab.

Arriving in the lab with Aelita and Laura, Graven immediately recognizes Jeremie and bids him that he almost got him and that Tyron was correct on not to underestimate them. But before he can do anything further, Jeremie launches a Time Reversion with Laura and Aelita both mocking him, saying "have a nice trip".

After return to the past, Graven - which is not remember anything - gets a phone call saying they lost Lyoko's signal, and to abort his mission. He then leaves as the gang watches on.


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