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Gustave Chardin.

Gustave Chardin is seen to be the drama and media teacher at Kadic Academy. He runs the film club, as Odd says in Straight to Heart and shown in Temporary Insanity. He directs the school plays. He also appeared briefly in Log Book, and in Contact. He is very obsessed with the fine arts and is very boring, as quoted by Odd in A Space Oddity. The students usually fall asleep in his classes as an example of the latter. He speaks with a heavy French accent and is rather obsessed with the fine arts. He is usually seen as a background character, but is voiced by David Gasman in his speaking appearances.

In "Temporary Insanity", he chose to reuse sets from Romeo and Juliet due to a lack of budget for sets. He brought up this matter with Mr. Delmas. His opening speeches can be rather long. Like many French film people, he seriously believes in the medium of short films.

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