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IFSCL's logo.

IFSCL (Flash/Fictional Interface of Code Lyoko Supercomputer) is the largest and most detailed simulation of the Factory's supercomputer that has been created to date. It was created and developed by a french fan, Alexis Foletto (also known as Immudelki or Immu). It is undergoing regular updates and revisions, and development is expected to continue for the next several years. Beta versions are released to the fans and community to allow them to enjoy the program and help uncover issues and other bugs as the development continues.

It is currently in version 3.2.3, made under Unity Engine.

The languages of the game are French, English, Italian, Spanish and Polish.

Take a look on the website: to see the actual upgrades for the next version. You can keep track of the updates via the Facebook page, which has links to the progression log.

Command List

Note on 2.6.2, you can only access the readme (with the commands names), by clicking on the "?" button in the game launcher. Starting from 3.0.0 you can access them by typing help, and it will open you the pdf that is included in the game's installation. And since 3.0.1 the help are included and readable into the game.

This is the only way to get all the updated commands. Please do not upload them on the Internet!

Immu's Room

Immu's Room is a hidden command, which Immudelki reveals a little later on, it's contents changes with each new version of the IFSCL, teasing upcoming features in the next update, or something else he's working on, the first one was featured in 2.0.5.

Usually the codes are Doctor Who references.

2.0.5 - riversongspoiler

2.1.5 - runyoucleverboyandremember

2.2.6 - neverblinkwithangels

2.2.9 - fantasticallonsygeronimo

2.4.2 - thebadwolfbay

2.4.8 - whoisfaceofboe

2.6.2 - amigoodman

3.0.0/3.0.1 - justthisonceeverybodylives

3.1.3/3.2.3 - ??? - Will be released in August, along with the trailer of the version 3.3.0

Gallery prior to 3.0.0

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