Ice Replika
Sueurs froides 258
Looking at a tower on the Ice Replica
First appearance Cold Sweat
Also known as N/A
Terrain features A direct clone of the Ice Sector.

The Ice Replika is a replika found in the series and is a copy of the Ice Sector that X.A.N.A. made. It is both seen in the show and the game. It was also the place where Team Lyoko managed to get William out of X.A.N.A.'s clutches. Furthermore, this was where the Kolossus made its first appearance. In order to destroy this Replika, Team Lyoko had to destroy the main supercomputer, located in the Siberian Research Facility, the function of which was to create an army of robots.

This is the only known Replika supercomputer that was not destroyed physically, because Aelita and Odd, who were virtualised onto the real world, were devirtualised. It could be assumed that it shut down after X.A.N.A. was destroyed. The Ice Replika appeared in Cold Sweat and Down to Earth. It's also very likely that this was the replika mentioned in Cousins Once Removed that the warriors were bound for when the Skid's shields gave out and the Kalamar tried to kill Aelita.

In Code Lyoko: Quest for Infinity, the facility holding the Ice Replika is where the Ice Spider appeared. In the game, the Ice Replika had the same appearance of the Ice Sector, but had a different layout, as opposed to the show, where the layout was the same as well. This is where Odd unlocks Catclimb.

The Ice Replika also appears in Code Lyoko: Fall of X.A.N.A.. In the replika, there are several bugs in the map, which allow things such as monster encounters through forcefields, walking through solid walls, and getting trapped.


  • This was the last of season 4's replikas shown.
  • This was where the Skidbladnir was destroyed.
  • Given that there were dozens of replikas, it's probable that there was more than one ice replika.
  • The Kolossus first appeared in this replika (and only appeared in this and the original Ice sector).
  • William was freed from X.A.N.A. in this replika.
  • In Cold Sweat, X.A.N.A. activated a tower on this replika to send William to Union Base. Aelita was able to access this tower, which contained the programs for controlling him. This later allowed them to reverse engineer the program to free William.


Season 4

Code Lyoko: Quest for Infinity

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