Ice Sector

Lyoko 364

Ice Sector

First appearance Production: Image Problem

Chronological: X.A.N.A. Awakens

Also known as Glacier Region
Polar Region
The North Pole
Sector 1
Terrain features Icy platforms, snowy tunnels and bridges, ice caves, glaciers, frosty mountains

Ice Sector is a Sector of Lyoko. It is sometimes referred to as the Polar Region/Glacier Region in season 1 because it is covered in ice, Ice Barrier or Sector 1 (as referred to in Mister Pück and Saint Valentine's Day). Like the Desert region, it also has virtual weather, as Jeremie pointed out in The Girl of the Dreams and by Odd in Cold War.

The Ice Sector is made up of two major parts. The first part is the surface, composed of glaciers connected by narrow paths and large lakes of icy water. Monsters cannot swim, so the icy waters will destroy them if they fall into it. Most of the Towers are based on the surface. The second part of the Sector is below the surface; tunnels connect the two areas. Team Lyoko often has to surf down these tunnels to get to an activated Tower.

The Ice Sector is home to all kinds of monsters, such as Bloks, Hornets, and Mantas. Due to its difficult range of reachable locations, X.A.N.A. placed his Boulogne-Billancourt simulation program there in Ghost Channel.

In Sabotage, X.A.N.A. activated a Tower in the Ice Sector that was too well-guarded for our heroes to reach, and they were running out of time, so Aelita deleted the Ice Sector at her own will, destroying the activated tower in the process.

The Ice Sector made its first reappearance in Crash Course, as it was recreated along with all the other outer sectors between the episodes William Returns and Double Take.

In Season 1, this Sector was used to have a strange light source that was always lighting and shadowing Team Lyoko's faces. It is most likely that it is Carthage's shining outer shell, but it is unknown why the light was taken away in Season 2.

Between shutting down the Supercomputer in Season 4 finale and unspecified rebirth of X.A.N.A., the Ice Sector was lost along with the Forest Sector; due its data being lost for a long period of time. It has not been confirmed whether Jeremy will restore it.


Season One

Season Two

Season Three

Season Four


  • This was the only Sector Jeremie was ever shown to visit. In Season 1's episode "Ghost Channel," Jeremie was virtualized into the artificial environment which was inside this sector. It's implied he visited another in Season 2, but this wasn't shown.
  • This was the only Sector in Season 3 X.A.N.A. did not delete with Code: XANA.
  • This was the first Sector Mantas were shown outside of Carthage.
  • The Kolossus only appears in this Sector, as well as its replika.
  • The first Sector Yumi was virtualized in X.A.N.A. Awakens Part 2.
  • This was the third ecological region to deleted in Sabotage. However, unlike the deletion of the Forest and Desert's data, the Glacier Region was wiped out willingly by Aelita herself; who had then sent its virtual energy to Jeremy, so that he could fully reboot and re-energize the supercomputer.


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