Ishiyama residence

Ishiyama residence.

The residence of the Ishiyama family is a large two story house in Boulogne-Billancourt, and it is where Yumi; Hiroki; and their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ishiyama; live. It is near Kadic, as Yumi walks to school, and contains various rooms for various purposes. The house was almost destroyed in "Teddygozilla" and was assaulted by a Krab in "A Bad Turn." The house is shown to have a mixture of both Japanese and French decorating and architecture.

Rooms in the house

  • At least 3 bedrooms:
    • One for Yumi Ishiyama
    • One for Hiroki Ishiyama
    • One shared by Mr. and Mrs. Ishiyama
  • At least one bathroom
    • Which contains one of those Japanese soaking tubs.
  • A sunken living room, with augmented Japanese decorating
  • An eat-in kitchen
  • A hallway that leads from the front door to the sunken living room
  • 2 floors
  • An open hallway on the second floor


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