200px-Jungle Research Facility

Jungle Research Facility

The Jungle Research Facility is one of the locations of the supercomputers X.A.N.A. uses to host the Forest Region replika, first seen in Lab Rat. The facility is located in the middle of a vast jungle in Amazon. Apart from the supercomputer, this facility was used for the creation and observation of Cybernetic Spiders; it is unknown whether these were a plot of the government or one of X.A.N.A..'s own developments, although these spiders were forcibly shut down when the supercomputer was short-circuited. The research facility is powered by two generators (one being a backup); however, these were both destroyed in Bragging Rights. The supercomputer was shut down when Odd destroyed the second generator in Bragging Rights. The matte paintings of the facility, both exterior and interior, were drawn by Frédéric Perrin


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