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HP Unknown
Height estimated 8 metres
Weight estimated 120kg
Speed 6/10
Attacks Drilling (AP unknown)
First Appearance Cousins Once Removed

The Kalamar is one of the newer monsters, debuting in the fourth season of Code Lyoko. It has an oval black/grey body with four long legs sticking out of it. The Eye of X.A.N.A. is located in the middle of the Kalamar's body. Its movements mimic that of a squid. Unlike other monsters, the Kalamar's primary weapons are not lasers. Instead, its enormous legs hold the target still while it uses the drill on its target to attack. This monster was designed solely to destroy the warriors while surfing the sea, ensuring imminent deletion.

Only one was seen in the show, but multiple Kalamars have appeared in the games.


  • The Kalamar is the second largest monster created by X.A.N.A.
  • The Kalamar is approximately the size of the Scyphozoa.
  • Like the Scyphozoa, this monster has only been destroyed once However it appears to follow the Scyphozoa's fighting style: wait for the target to be isolated by other monsters, then attack.
  • In French, "calamar" means squid. Following the tradition of replacing the letter C with a K in Code Lyoko, the monster was named Kalamar. In English the name can be equated to cooked octopus, calamari.
  • Like the Sharks and Kongres, this monster follows the digital sea's underwater motif.
  • While only appearing once in the episode "Cousins Once Removed", they are common in Code Lyoko: Quest for Infinity and Code Lyoko: Fall of X.A.N.A..
  • In Quest for Infinity, there are 3 varieties of the Kalamar. The first is the kind seen in the show, that latches onto vessels and drills. The second variety is similar, but less than 1/3rd of the size. The third variety is the same size as the standard kind, but differently colored. The differently colored version uses a Circular Laser, rather than a drill.


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