Twin blades? Quicker for getting a close shave.

–Ulrich admiring his dual katanas in "Double Take."

Ulrich's Katana.
First appearance XANA Awakens, Part 1 (chronologically)
Seeing Is Believing
Channeled through Hands
User Ulrich


The Katana is Ulrich's one and only weapon while on Lyoko. He had had only one throughout the first, second and third seasons, but gains an additional katana in the fourth season; thanks to Jeremie's "digital upgrades and modifications."


Like any swordsman, Ulrich fights using a series of stabs and slashes with his katana. Because his weapon has such limited range, Ulrich relies heavily on his Super-sprint ability in combat, which allows him to quickly get within striking range of his target and then retreat. For defense, Ulrich's swords are capable of absorbing standard laser fire and may even block a Megatank's circular laser for a short period of time. Whenever the katana does so, or whenever it is swung or used to combat other weapons like X.A.N.A. William's Zweihänder, it glows blue.

In the first three seasons, Ulrich only has one katana, and carries it in a traditional Japanese saya, or scabbard. In season four, he gains a second sword, which slightly alters his fighting style. Ulrich's updated avatar also includes a small device attached to his upper back with slots into which he may place his swords when not using them.

Like Yumi's fans, Ulrich's katana may be dropped, stolen, or destroyed when damaged, and Ulrich may require new swords to be virtualized to him.

In the episode Franz Hopper, Ulrich's katana is temporarily updated so that it can fire Energy waves to destroy several enemies at once from a distance. However, this upgrade is lost later in the episode, nor is it mentioned to Jeremie.

Also, in the episode Nobody in Particular, when Ulrich's mindless avatar is possessed, X.A.N.A. grants his sword the ability to emit a greenish beam of electrical energy. However, this ability is lost after Ulrich was reunited in body and spirit.


Ulrich's swords are virtually identical to real-world Japanese katana. The swords have black guards and yellow handles covered with black braided cloth. The blades are metallic grey in color, and glow blue when being used for direct combat.


  • Throughout the series, Ulrich's weapons are referred to intermittently as "sabres", "katana", or simply "swords".
  • When a katana is stolen by a person possessed by X.A.N.A., its blade glows red instead of blue.
  • The word "Katana" is a Japanese loadword. It's written as "刀" in Kanji, and "かたな" in Hiragana. It's almost never written in Katakana: "カタナ". Interestingly, the symbol for "Katana" is actually the origin of the Katakana symbol for "Ka", which in chain influenced its Hiragana counterpart.
  • In Garage Kids, the blade of the katana was made out of binary code that glowed blue continuously and needed to be charged before usage.
  • Ulrich's Katana's have a slight resemblence to Vergil's Yamato in Devil May Cry, such as the Katana is only one and is carried in a scabard, it would have his lightning fast speed combined with it's range of attacks and on ocassion, the sword would glow blue, would even emit a wave-like slash at a foe, capable of blowing away foes, able to be damaged, would able to be vanished and brought back if the user never relied on it, and could reflect attacks. However, the only difference was that Yamato never needed to be replaced with a new one.


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