This page is about the Miscellaneous Characters in the Code Lyoko franchise who are not noteworthy enough to have their own pages, but have more information than just their names in the List of characters page.

Julien Xao

Julien Xao is a student at Kadic Academy. He was first seen in "Teddygozilla", at the dance, wearing traditional Chinese student's clothing. He was later seen in "Tip-Top Shape", where it was revealed that he has poor eyesight, and a poor memory. He is voiced by Barbara Weber-Scaff.

Peter Duncan

Interet Commun 115
Peter Duncan was a french criminal. Duncan was arrested prior to the beginning of "Common Interest" for various crimes, including art theft, safe cracking, kidnapping, and bank robbery. He claims to not talk to cops. X.A.N.A. possessed him during prisoner transport. Duncan then escaped, and walked through the woods to a uranium transport truck. Duncan stole the uranium, and walked back to the Supercomputer. He passed out several times on the way, due to supercomputer failures. He kidnapped Jeremie from the local hospital, and forced him to install the new rod. Duncan attacked Jeremie after the rod was swapped. Once the tower was deactivated, the Lyoko Warriors dropped him off at a police station.

Peter Duncan later made a cameo in "Crash Course", where he accidentally hit spectre with a car.

Doctor Delâcre

Doctor Delâcre (pronounced as "Del ae ker") was an engineer shown in "Seeing Is Believing". His job was working at the nuclear plant in Paris, as the chief engineer. He was particularly concerned with safety. His character design was used in other places as well, including in The hospital and as a math teacher in "False Start". His name was revealed in Yumi's call to Jeremie, and in episode transcripts. He also appeared as a brief background character in "Killer Music".


Kelly made her first and only appearance in "Music to Soothe the Savage Beast" when she was Odd's date. They later broke up after she and Odd were caught by Sissi, who revealed that Odd traded her ticket to see the Subdigitals live in exchange for a date with Ulrich.

Her hair is long and brown. She was voiced by Barbara Weber-Scaff.

Azra Ürgüp


Azra Ürgüp is a Turkish student who made her appearance in "Hard Luck". A day before the events of the episode, she borrowed Odd's pencil sharpener, which led him to think she is "totally crazy about him". During breakfast in the cafeteria, Odd asks her to be taught to speak Turkish, her native language. However, when she found out Odd named Herb and Nicholas for a prank on Jim that morning, she got disgusted and called him a "budala", which means "fool" in Turkish.