Leonie Berthonnaud.

Léonie Berthonnaud, or with a non-accented spelling, Leonie Berthonnaud, is a French actress who plays live-action Aelita, and the derivative roles, in Code Lyoko Evolution. She also provides the French voice for said characters. Obviously, pink is not her natural hair color; it's just a wig. She is a natural blonde.

Léonie was born in December 27th, 1994. She was legally a minor, as of the production of season 5. She has lived in the same house as the rest of the core cast, except for Diego Mestanza, Melanie Tran, and Quentin Merabet; who were residing seperately.

She has visited Ghana.

Roles Portrayed

Role Form Seasons
Aelita Schaeffer Live Action Evolution
Aelita Schaeffer French Voice Evolution
Aelita Clone Live Action Evolution:  "Espionage"

Pictures Of Roles

Other Pictures

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