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This is a List of Miscellaneous Technology. This article describes all of the various technology in the Code Lyoko franchise which is significant enough to mention, but not significant enough to have its own article.

Neuronal Headset

Tentation 236
Tentation 392

The Neuronal Headset was a headset made by Jeremie Belpois in "Temptation". It theoretically harnesses the power of Time Reversion, and makes the person smarter, much like how X.A.N.A. is strengthened by them. In practice it has the opposite effect. Most of the stuff Jeremie made under its influence was incorrect. Jeremie got the idea for it from Franz Hopper's diary. It deteriorates the persons physical and mental condition every time it is used, causing odd dreams, the wearer to pass out, and headaches; among other issues. Jeremie destroyed it.

X.A.N.A.'s Brains

Siberian Facility4

X.A.N.A.'s Brains were some brains in tanks in the Siberian Research Facility. They were in large tanks of orange green liquid, and hooked up to wires. It's unknown if they were created by X.A.N.A., or if they were left there by the former occupiers of the facility. They were seen in "Cold Sweat" and "Down to Earth".

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