Lyoko Conquerors
Online Videogame
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(Early) Public version planned for 2018
Previously: RTS (Real Time Strategy)

Now: 3D platformer with Turn-Based combat

Current state
Under development, Early Access
Around 20 early versions released in 2016 & 2017.

Latest : 0.4.2

Lyoko Conqueror - Icon

Lyoko Conquerors is a 3D Exploration & Combat FanGame of Code Lyoko. It’s the third Code Lyoko fangame created by Immudelki, along with the IFSCL and Lyoko Wanderers.


The pitch revolves around X.A.N.A., experimenting on his Replikas to calculate ways to retaliate on Lyoko. So it decides to split its new recruit William into parts, and make them fight against each other.

You play as a Willaim against other parts of himself, exploring Replikas, recruiting monsters and fighting.

Note that this game isn't meant to be about the Lyoko Warriors, Immudelki considers that his IFSCL game fills the void for a game where you are able to play Jeremie Belpois, and that the official games are already there to play with the Lyoko Warriors.

Game progress

The first prototypes development began in mid 2016 and they have been published a few months after.

The Game has been successively subtitled 'The Replika Experiments', 'The Online Wars' and lately 'William Uprising'

A first public release (playable advanced prototype) is planned around 2018.

Old RTS Prototype (Legacy)

NOTE: All this images are WIP (Work In Progress) so nothing should be considered as final (meaning that everything may change, even colours or shapes)


While if was still designed as an RTS, the game was meant to support up to 6 players competing against each other per game. The game is provided with a 100 simultaneous players (CCU) server payed by Immudelki. LANs and personal servers aren't available for security and techincal reasons.

Solo mode

A solo mode, at least with basic tutorial is planned. Eventually a small campaign might also be added though not confirmed yet.

The core game is meant to be on the multiplayer part.

Gameplay (Legacy - Before revamp)

  • Like many RTS, you can create units and do research to improve or develop technologies. But following Lyoko’s art style, there’s no base building.
  • Three new tower designs are introduced to counterbalance the lack of buildings: research tower, experimentation tower and domination tower. The classic design is called ‘production tower’.
  • Victory conditions: All towers must be activated in order to win the game. Or, at least, all the ones from the opponent must be deactivated.
  • Two main resources are available: Data and Energy. Energy comes with any activated tower, it’s used to create monsters but slowly comes back when the monster is destroyed. Unlike Energy, Data is a collectable ressource, and is gathered in various ways: activating a tower (that you never activated previously), killing enemies, and finding crates.


All 5 sectors of the main series are planned (only as Replikas though, we never get on the 'original' Lyoko).

Digital Sea and Cortex appearances are planned but not confirmed yet.


All the monsters that appeared in the 4 seasons are planned. X.A.N.A. William is the only Lyoko Warrior available in the game, and is called ‘The Commander’.


  • The synopsis of the game is meant to explain what X.A.N.A. might have been doing on its side after the end of Season 3, hence the original subtitle ‘The Replika Experiments’, which later became 'The Online Wars' for a better visibility and avoid the issue that Immudelki had on his other fangame, the IFSCL, which was hard to stubble upon with its name.


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