The IFSCL ("Fictional Interface of Code Lyoko Supercomputer"), is available for PC, Mac and Linux. Very detailed and totally recreating the interface and its surroundings in 3D, it has been developed for more than 7 years and still undergoing regular updates by its french creator, Immu.

It allows you to play in two modes, Custom Game, where you can use all of the programs of the interface, or Story Mode (previously known as campaign mode before the 3.0.0.c reboot of the game).

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CL: Genetic Destiny (old: Code Lyoko Factory Interface) is a single player Code Lyoko Simulator. Available for Mac and PC. The latest version supports 3D animated Characters, a Holomap, HD Graphics and Resolution and several other self-made animations. CL: GD also supports the newer Code Lyoko Evolution "Emulator" which is available as a DLC. More pictures below. Version 6.1 does not support Missions.

The Game is playable but its development has been abandonned after the loss of news in late 2014.

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Both the IFSCL and CL:GD comes with a manual, so you don't get lost. Enjoy!

IFSCL 3.1.3.c: manual is available when typing “HELP”, or through the “Kiwi Search” window.

CL: Genetic Destiny: manual is only available on the Internet! (A stable Internet connection is required)

IFSCL : Fictional Interface of Code Lyoko's Supercomputer

CL:Genetic Destiny

Code Lyoko Emulator

Code Lyoko Evolution Emulator (CL: Genetic Destiny DLC)