HP 75
Height 7 metres
Weight 100kg
Speed 6/10
Attacks Laser - 40AP
Mines - 100AP
First Appearance Exploration

Mantas, or Flying Mantas, are the strongest, flight-type monsters in X.A.N.A.'s army, far surpassing a Hornet. They are also Digital Sea capable monsters.

They mostly come from Carthage, around the Celestial Dome, and generally move in groups of three. They are white and navy blue and have the Eye of X.A.N.A. on their back, their weak point. They also have powerful laser beams they use to shoot the Lyoko Warriors. Like the Krabes, their Eye is located on their backs, and is rather large when compared to other monsters. Despite this, they are very durable compared to other monsters: a Manta once survived an assault by Ulrich that nearly bisected it.

They shriek like hawks, but this tone was lowered in Code Lyoko Evolution.

Being from Carthage, the Mantas also have a unique trait. Unlike other monsters, Mantas aren't materialized when needed. Instead, they form from lumps on the outside "wall" of the sector in a process referred to as "hatching." A Creeper was one shown doing this as well. But as X.A.N.A. increased its power, it eventually gained the ability to virtualize Mantas into the other sectors.

They tend to use the same hit-and-run strategy as the Hornets, but their slower speed allows them to fire more in a single pass. It also makes their passes in general take longer, giving their targets a greater opportunity to counterattack.


Sometimes Odd is able to climb on their backs, by scratch the Eye of X.A.N.A., and get full control of where ever they fly to.

While William was possessed by X.A.N.A., since there was no vehicle for him, he used a Black Manta as transportation. The Manta was provided by X.A.N.A. X.A.N.A. William used the Manta often when trying to capture Aelita, even ordering the monster to attack our heroes instead of simply riding it.

In "The Key", Waldo Schaeffer took control of a few of them, making them glow, and follow his instructions.


Mantas have two standard weapons at their disposal. The first is a powerful laser that can be chained, but at medium-paced speed, and the second are mines.

In Temporary Insanity, X.A.N.A. allowed two Mantas to fuse themselves together, so they could shoot a laser at Odd and Ulrich which made their bodies glow red and devirtualized them after some time. This laser also held a virus that is capable of confusing targets into believing they are on Lyoko when on the real world and in the real world while on Lyoko.

Mantas are also capable of laying Mines. They tend to deposit them in large clusters. In the show, if one of the mines is triggered, they will trigger the rest in a chain reaction. This does not happen in the games, mainly due to rendering costs and playability. The mines are capable of homing in on the Warriors. They can lay an amount from twelve to a couple hundred of mines in a single moment.


  • Mantas are the only monsters that can travel outside the Celestial Dome in Carthage.
  • In the 2nd-4th seasons, Mantas had a high pitched crying noise. In Evolution, the sound is significantly lower pitched and variant.
  • The first time a Manta appeared in Evolution was in Friday the 13th.
  • In reality, Mantas resemble Lesser Devil Rays
  • They only appear in Carthage, within Code Lyoko: Get Ready to Virtualize.
  • Originally, they only appeared in Carthage. They later developed the ability to go to the other sectors. In Code Lyoko: Quest for Infinity, they developed the ability to go to the digital sea. In the show itself, they gained that ability in "Obstinacy".
  • They gained the ability to leave Carthage in "Cold War", in the Ice Sector
  • They were the last non-clipshow monsters shown in the original series.


Seasons 2-4


Code Lyoko Social Game

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