Mirabelle Kirkland

Mirabelle Kirkland (born in 1971) is an English voice actor who provided several of the English voices for Code Lyoko. She does the voices of many characters. She has also used the name Idalina Kirkland.

Note-worthy Non-Code Lyoko Roles

Code Lyoko Roles

Role(s) Form Season(s)
Yumi Ishiyama English Voice Seasons 1-4
Amelia "Milly" Solovieff English Voice Seasons 1-4
Magali de Vasseur English Voice Season 4, Episode 95: "Echoes"
X.A.N.A.-Yumi English Voice season 1, episode 7: "Image Problem" and season 2, episode 43: "X.A.N.A.'s Kiss"
X.A.N.A.-Milly English Voice season 4, episode 89: "Music To Soothe the Savage Beast"
Kiwi All dubs Seasons 1-4, except in one scene in "Nobody in Particular"
Heidi Klinger English Voice Seasons 1-4
Sophie English Voice Season 4
Paul Gaillard English Voice Seasons 1-4

Pictures of roles:

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