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This is the English version of the subtitles for episode Mrs. Einstein, fourth episode of Code Lyoko Evolution and the 99th episode of Code Lyoko.



  • Jeremy: A equals G times... times R... Err... No, no, sorry, I forgot the mass. So it makes it A equals... Err... Laura.
  • Laura: So, I write out A equals the mass S times R squared, which makes when converting to numerical values the square root of six pint sixty seven times ten raised to the negative eleventh power. Which gives a result of twenty-nine point seven kilometers per second.


  • Odd: Come on Einstein, stop sulking! It's not that terrible to be humiliated in front of your girlfriend.
  • Aelita: Odd! Don't listen to him, Jeremy. You know, the number of neurons is not that important.
  • Jeremy: Yes it is! Anyway, that calculus was easy - I just had a memory lapse, that's all.
  • Odd: Yeah, that explains everything, right?
  • Jeremy: Odd, I've been spending the whole week programming the virtual vehicle that will allow you to go to the Cortex without getting squashed!
  • Laura: Hey, what are you talking about?
  • Jeremy: Nothing.
  • Laura: I heard you were going to program a virtual vehicle in the Cortex. It's a new online game, right?
  • Jeremy: Err... Yeah, that's it, we've been working on it.
  • Laura: I knew it! I love video games. Well, I'm actually not playing because it bores me, but programming them, that's it. I'm good at computer science. I love all scientific classes - just like you do, actually. Except that I don't fail when solving such easy exercises. Well, see you in the library?!
  • Aelita: Who does she think she is exactly?
  • Ulrich: Great. A female Jeremy.
  • Odd: You have to get used to it, Aelita, you're not the only Mrs. Einstein anymore.


  • Yumi: Hi.
  • Odd: Hey.
  • Ulrich: Hi. Wow, you have a problem. Let me guess: you forgot a comma in a calculus.
  • Odd: Yep, you're close. Einstein found his master.
  • Yumi: Who would that be?
  • Ulrich: Laura Gauthier, our new genious classmate.
  • Jeremy: Maybe we could talk about something else? About the Cortex, for example!
  • Yumi: Have you got some news?
  • Jeremy: Yeah, I managed to get some data last time. Do you remember that replikas were made by XANA, based on Lyoko's model?
  • Aelita: Yes, from the codes my father had trusted me with.
  • Jeremy: Exactly. Well, at first, I was thinking the same thing. That XANA had created them around itself, like some sort of... matrix.
  • Ulrich: And that's not right?
  • Jeremy: No! The Cortex was here before XANA's rebirth. I'm sure it was created by another quantum computer. I mean other than ours.
  • Aelita: Another quantum computer? But... who would have created it? My father?
  • Jeremy: For now we can't tell if Franz Hopper is involved.
  • Aelita: Yet I saw a picture of him when I was in the core of the Cortex.
  • Jeremy: There's only one way to be sure of that. Are you ready to go back there tonight?
  • Ulrich: Ok.


  • Laura: Hey, Jeremy! I was looking for you. Are you going to work on your game?
  • Jeremy: We can't hide anything from you. It's not ready yet, though, there's still a lot of work to do.
  • Laura: Well, like I was saying earlier, if you need help... I'm really good... at computer science, I mean.
  • Aelita: That's kind of you Laura, but it's top-secret, you see. We don't want anyone to steal our idea.
  • Laura: Ok.
  • Odd: Incredible. This is the second time she talks to you in a day. I think she's in love.
  • Aelita: Or she's just showing off.


  • Jeremy: Are you ready? Transfer Odd. Transfer Aelita. Scanner Odd. Scanner Aelita. Virtualization. Yumi, Ulrich ready to be transferred? Scanner Yumi. Scanner Ulrich. Virtualization.


  • Laura: Hey. You're part of Jeremy Belpois's group, aren't you?
  • William: Some days, I am.
  • Laura: Do you know about their project?
  • William: What project?
  • Laura: They told me they were working on an online game. Something ultra-secret. I saw them leaving to the end of the park, they seemed to be in a hurry.
  • William: Oh, really?
  • Laura: Do you think that if yo told them about me, I could be in?
  • William: No... It's top secret.


  • Aelita: Cortex in sight.
  • Jeremy: Perfect. Head to the entrance. I'll open it for you.
  • Aelita: Ok. Ready to land.
  • Jeremy: I'm sending you your new cab.
  • Odd, Ulrich: Wow!
  • Odd: Yeah, awesome!
  • Jeremy: I present to you the cortexian tecto-compatible wheeled shperoid mega-multipod vehicle.
  • Odd: Couldn't you come up with an even more complicated name?
  • Jeremy: Why, do you find it too easy to remember?
  • Aelita: And... Who's going to drive it?
  • Ulrich and Odd: Me!
  • Odd: I said it first!
  • Jeremy: It will be Yumi. Well, sorry guys.
  • Odd: But why?
  • Jeremy: She's the only one who didn't ask for it. Come on, let's go.
  • Odd: Why are the girls always the ones driving the nice things?
  • Aelita: Odd, are you coming or not?
  • Jeremy: You'll see Yumi, it's really easy to drive. Just like the vehicles in Galactic Destructor.
  • Yumi: But I never played Galactic Destructor!
  • Jeremy: Don't worry, it's intuitive! And I programmed the vehicle so it automatically adapts to field changes.
  • Yumi: If you say so...
  • Odd: If you want, we can switch! I'm the best at Galactic Destructor!
  • Yumi: Hang on!
  • Odd: Oh no, I'm going to be sick...
  • Ulrich: I hope you prepared some barf bags, Jeremy!
  • Yumi: Here we go.
  • Aelita: Watch out!
  • Jeremy: Be careful Yumi...
  • Yumi: You said the Megapod-thingy would automatically adapt to field changes!
  • Jeremy: Mega-multipod vehicle! Yes, it does, but still you need to anticipate a bit.
  • Odd: We could change the driver if you want!
  • Yumi: Shut up, Odd! You're wrong if you think it's easy!


  • Jeremy: William, could you please warn me when you're coming - you freaked me out!
  • William: And you, tell me when you're sending the others to Lyoko! You still don't trust me? Didn't I save you last time?
  • Jeremy: Ok, I told you we would talk about it, but... We're kind of in a rush now, you see!
  • William: Yeah, and next time you'll find another excuse, right?
  • Jeremy: Well, maybe, we'll talk about it some time later. When the others are back, for example.
  • William: I'm sick of being a stand-in.


  • Yumi: Is there something wrong?
  • Aelita: I was thinking about my father. What if XANA's return was actually his fault?
  • Yumi: Aelita, your father can't be responsible for XANA's return, I mean, he is...
  • Aelita: I know. He disappeared... For good. But I have a feeling I'll find out the truth soon enough.
  • Yumi: Well, I'm sorry but it won't be right now. I miscalculated my direction. We'll have to go around the core before we can reach the door. There's no way out, we're stuck!
  • Odd: Well, now you see, if I had been the driver, I...
  • Yumi: Odd! Shut up, please!
  • Ulrich: Never make her mad when she's driving.
  • Aelita: Shut up!
  • Yumi: What's happening?
  • Jeremy: We have visitors!
  • Odd: You know what your megapod is missing, Einstein? A cannon!
  • Jeremy: It's not called the "megapod"! It's called... Well, never mind. Just ask for a cannon next Christmas. For now, Aelita, Ulrich and you are going to fight the old way!
  • Odd: Ah, finally some action!
  • Yumi: Oh no, what did I do again...
  • Jeremy: You caused a bug. I'll get you out. Everything's blocked! William, I already told you that...
  • Ulrich: What are you doing?
  • Aelita: I'll let you take care of them. There's something I need to check.
  • Ulrich: Yumi! Hey, you're back?
  • Aelita: Yeah, I noticed you needed some help.
  • Yumi: Jeremy, are you making any progress?
  • Jeremy: I'm sorry Yumi, but something overwhelming happened.
  • Yumi: Well, you said it.
  • Jeremy: Yumi is stuck in the megapod. You must prevent the krabs from sending her into the digital sea! That would be a one-way trip to the void.
  • Laura: That's not really a video game, right?
  • Jeremy: We can't hide anything from you.
  • Laura: Are your friends inside?
  • Jeremy: More or less.
  • Laura: That's a quantum computer?
  • Jeremy: So what?
  • Yumi: Jeremy? I'm starting to feel a bit lonely here.
  • Jeremy: I know, I'm sorry Yumi, but I don't have four arms.
  • Laura: Actually, I think you do. Look, I don't know what all this is about, but your friend seems to be in danger. So, if you need a hand, well...
  • Ulrich: Jeremy, it's getting quite tough here.
  • Aelita: Jeremy? What the heck is he doing?
  • Odd: Well, maybe he's off to flirt with his girlfriend? You know the other Mrs. Einstein!
  • Jeremy: Replace interface 4AA13 with the 3B6 one.
  • Laura: 4AA13... Done!
  • Aelita: What are you doing here, Laura?!
  • Jeremy: She's giving me a hand. Now put the cursor down to position 2. It should boost the encoding blocks.
  • Aelita: Ok, my turn now.
  • Jeremy: We don't have time Aelita, Laura is already on it!
  • Laura: Is this alright?
  • Jeremy: Perfect, now we need to shunt circuit 5221.
  • Ulrich: Would you still like to be in Yumi's shoes?
  • Odd: No, let's forget about what I said. This thing is a trap!
  • Ulrich: Hold on Yumi, I won't let you down!
  • Yumi: Oh, no.
  • Jeremy: Hurry up, Laura!
  • Laura: Done!


  • Laura: And... Did you really manage to keep it a secret until now?
  • Jeremy: Let's just say some people are more curious than others.
  • Yumi: Anyway, if I get it right, you saved my life. So thank you.
  • Laura: You're welcome. I'm glad I could help you complete your mission.
  • Aelita: No! The mission isn't complete, it was a complete failure!
  • Jeremy: What are you saying? We tested the Megapod on the Cortex and it worked fine.
  • Aelita: I couldn't even enter the core! Do you think you'll be able to reprogram the Megapod quickly?
  • Jeremy: It's not as complicated as the Skid, but... I need to improve the system, install some weapons - that would be safer.
  • Laura: And Yumi almost disappeared today. Think a bit about the others, Aelita!
  • Ulrich: Well, let's decide instead on what we're going to do with Laura, shall we?
  • Jeremy: I gave it some thought. It's true she could really help me in the lab when Aelita is virtualized. In short, either you join the team, or we push a button and go back in time, erasing everything.
  • Laura: Everything?
  • Jeremy: Everything. You won't remember what happened here.
  • Yumi: Let's vote.


  • Jeremy: I'm sorry Aelita, I didn't want to offend you. Yumi was in danger, and you...
  • Aelita: I know. It's just that... I don't trust that girl, I don't know why.
  • Teacher: Who can give me the speed of the center of inertia of the Earth?
  • Aelita: Why don't you raise your hand?
  • Jeremy: I already know the answer!
  • Aelita: This is not the moment to play it fair, come on!
  • Teacher: Yes, Jeremy?
  • Odd: Well, well, well. That wasn't very fair. I thought you were a nice person!
  • Aelita: I'm nice. But there can only be one Mrs. Einstein!
  • Jeremy: So the result is twenty-nine point seven kilometers per second.

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