Nathalie Stas is an actress who provided some voices for the French version of Code Lyoko. Some of the roles are in dispute, so if something can't be confirmed, they're listed separately. All roles include X.A.N.A. possessed counterparts, in cases where such counterparts lack their own page.

Confirmable voices provided

Role Form Seasons
Amelia "Milly" Solovieff French voice seasons 1-4
Suzanne Hertz French voice seasons 1-4
Taelia French voice Season 1: 1 Episode: "The Girl of the Dreams"

Pictures of confirmed roles

Disputed roles

Role Form Seasons Possible Other actor
Anthea Schaeffer French voice Seasons 2-4 Alexandra Correa
Akiko Ishiyama French voice Seasons 1-4 Alexandra Correa

Pictures of disputed roles


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