Network Access Point

Network Access Points, commonly refereed to as "hubs", are silver large structure that are attached to the bottom of various tubes that are located at specific points around the Network. In the center of these is a colorful whirlpool which is the entrance to an incredibly fast data passage, the Skid can dive into this and can arrive at another access point, Jeremie usually enters co-ordinates to guide the Skid through the data passage.


608px-Retour 096-1-

Hyperfluid is the colorful liquid in a Network Access Point that lets Lyoko Warriors travel across vast parts of the Network at a time. Nav Skids can use the Hyperfluid like the Skid as demonstrated by Yumi Ishiyama in "Lost At Sea." The Skid itself can only enter the Hyperfluid in vertical position. However, it is shown that when the ship leaves the hyperfluid, it has returned to horizontal mode.


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