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Pauline Serieys.

Pauline Serieys is an actress who resides in France. She is most famous for providing the live action acting for Laura Gauthier, as well as the French voice for the character. She was born on June 21, 1997.

Her Fan Box Address:

c/o Agent Agitateur
23 bis, avenue Junot
75018 Paris

Roles Portrayed

Role Form Seasons
Laura Gauthier Live Action Evolution
Laura Clone Live Action Evolution
Laura Gauthier French Voice Evolution
Laura clone French Voice Evolution

Pictures of Roles

Works Other Than Code Lyoko

  • Suzanne in "My Little Princess"
  • Julia Grant in "Beauté fatale" "Fatal Beauty"
  • Lucie 10 ans in "Adresse inconnue" "address unknown"
  • Pauline in "London mon amour" "London, My Love"
    • Also titled as "Mes amis, mes amours" "My friends, my love"
  • Sofia-Mila in an episode of "Père et maire" "Father and Mayor"
  • Princesse Constance in "Palais royal!" "Royal Palace!"
  • Anaïs in "Frédérique amoureuse" "Love Frederick"


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