XANAs Kiss Odd vs Jim image 1

A pixelized human fighting Odd.

Pixelization is a transformation applied to humans and certain vessels that are possessed by X.A.N.A.'s spectres. They turn into electronic beings that have supernatural powers that allow them to overpower regular humans. 


Spectres usually pixelize normal humans by possessing their bodies. They become supernatural electronic energy beings made into X.A.N.A.'s likeness. It can also do the same thing to an extent when affecting animals (wolves, crows, etc.), and certain non-living objects.

They manipulate their physical matter to transform them into entities that have supernatural powers. Their now spectral bodies make them virtually immune to harm, but when they get struck, their bodies are disrupted and reform after a brief moment. They are given inhuman physical abilities, and levitation to a degree. They can also manipulate electrical energy in ways that allow them to project blasts, affect minds, move objects through magnetism, and influence technology from close distances. Advanced powers include walking through walls, self-replication, and hypnosis through eye contact.

Polymorphic spectres are pixelized beings morphed from spectres to imitate human appearances, with also having types that can change their appearances at will, making them more ideal for infiltration.

Their only weakness is contact with electromagnetic waves, which disrupts their bodies' molecular structures, but will eventually recover if the waves stop.

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