Jeremie types in the password.

SCIPIO is the passcode to enter Carthage. When typed in, it summons the Transport Orb to take anyone at the edge of a sector to Carthage. It can also be used to take anyone in Carthage's Arena to anywhere in Lyoko's outer sectors.

The password itself is derived from Scipio Africanus, a Roman general who helped bring down the city-state of Carthage in the Punic Wars. Franz Hopper labeled it in one of his books, where Jeremie would later find it and use it to gain access to Sector 5.

The password was first discovered in "Uncharted Territory," after Jeremie's numerous failed attempts to crack it. Surprisingly, the supercomputer didn't use any defensive measures after the numerous attempts of guessing taken.

The last time it was used in the series was "Fight to the Finish". It was retired in Code Lyoko Evolution in favor of better Translation.


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