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I think I still have a souvenir from X.A.N.A.'s time.

–Refusing the Overbike in "Cortex."

Super Smoke
Evo william virtuel 0072
First appearance William Returns
Channeled through Body
User William

Super Smoke is William's special ability while on Lyoko after being possessed by X.A.N.A., though after such a long possession, he retained the ability after being liberated.

While it is mainly used for fast transportation, it also can be used for many other useful purposes. William can make his body collapse into black smoke and slither across the ground, at high speed. He seems to be completely invulnerable while in this form, even turning into smoke to avoid being injured. He can also move along other surfaces, and through the air, but only at low altitudes.

With Super Smoke, he can turn his sword into smoke to return it to his hand. He can even throw a ball of smoke at a Lyoko Warrior, engulfing them in smoke, knocking them unconscious, and causing them to float above the ground, being guided by William's hand. Almost every time in Season 4, he uses it at Aelita in an attempt to throw her to the Digital Sea, although he only succeeded once in Distant Memory. He can also use it to create reins for the Black Manta.

William still possess this ability in the fifth season as transportation on both Lyoko and the Cortex. He refers to it as a souvenir given to him by X.A.N.A.

Times when Used

Season Four

Season Five


  • When using Super Smoke, William can even outrace Aelita's flying ability, and even go much faster than Ulrich's Super-sprint.
  • In Season 5, he no longer yells it out like he used to do when he was possessed by X.A.N.A. Also it now sparkles pale green.
  • As it turns William into a non-physical form, he thus unhurt by Odd's laser arrows.


Season 4

Season 5 (Code Lyoko: Evolution)

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