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This is the English version of the subtitles for episode 101: Suspicions, the sixth episode of Code Lyoko Evolution and the 101st episode of Code Lyoko.



  • Jeremy: Hi Aelita.
  • Aelita: So, have you finished the modifications for the Megapod? Are we going to be able to go back to the Cortex?
  • Jeremy: If you distract me everytime, I will never finish.
  • Aelita: Since I saw that picture of my father in there, I think about it all the time.
  • Jeremy: Ok but I will not let you go there without an adapted vehicle. Last time, Yumi could have died.
  • Aelita: Then when will we use it?
  • Jeremy: Patience. Now! I mean, after class.
  • Aelita: I love you, you're the best!
  • Odd: It's crazy! You mean that hurricane blew through the whole villiage of your relatives.
  • Yumi: And other towns in Japan as well. I'm sick about it. My cousin's school was torn to pieces. I really want to do something to help them.
  • Ulrich: Like what? Against XANA I know what to do… but storms are not really my thing.
  • Yumi: Ulrich, not everything is about the virtual world.
  • Odd: I've got a great idea! What about auctions? Every girl at school would fight to me and you…
  • Aelita: Are you ready? We will finally go to the Cortex!
  • Odd: Come on Einstein, tell me that my favorite little tubby is finally ready!
  • Jeremy: Totally! You'll see all the great things I added.
  • Yumi: But… I really want to do something for Japan.
  • Aelita: Obviously, but we really need to go back to the Cortex.
  • William: And what if Yumi doesn't go with us?
  • Ulrich: Are you serious?
  • William: Well, there's only four places on the Megapod, true?
  • Jeremy: It's true, you're not all forced to come.
  • Yumi: Ok so I'll stay here then! Thanks guys!
  • Odd: So what are th modifications?
  • Jeremy: I improved the direction, uploaded the suspension bio-particles and strengthened the power of the engine if we ever need to put on the turbo.
  • Ulrich: And if we are attacked?
  • Jeremy: I added a cannon.
  • Ulrich: You rock, dude.
  • Aelita: Guys! We will talk about modifications later.
  • Yumi: So… finance the reconstruction, I thought it would be a good idea to organize a party in the gymnasium.
  • Principal Jean-Pierre Delmas: It's not a good idea.
  • Yumi: What? No, you can't, I mean…
  • Principal Jean-Pierre Delmas: It's an excellent idea, miss Ishiyama. Let me check when the gymnasium is free… Volleyball, gym, dance, bridge. I guess that the only time slot for you is… tonight!
  • Yumi: Tonight? It's impossible I'll never have the time…
  • Principal Jean-Pierre Delmas: I'm sure that sirs Stern, Belpois, and Della Robia will be glad to help you.
  • Yumi: Alright then, thanks Mr. Delmas.
  • William: After you, Aelita.
  • Aelita: Thanks, your nice.
  • Ulrich: What a showoff…
  • Jeremy: I fiddled with some virtual peripheral devices, they are going to allow you to throw away the data of the dome directly in the supercomputer. Settle down, I launched the virtualization.
  • Aelita: Hurry up Jeremy.
  • Jeremy: Scanner Aelita, Ulrich, Odd. Transfer Aelita. Transfer Ulrich. Transfer Odd. Virtualization.
  • Ulrich: Hey, could you not be more careful?!
  • William: Calm down, nobody died.
  • Aelita: That's enough, let's go.
  • Odd: Wow! Aelita is super stressed.
  • Jeremy: I'll activate super speed.


  • Jim: Ah, this reminds me of the time I took charge of the Rolling Stook's tour.
  • Yumi: Rolling Stook, is it a band?
  • Jim: Yep, I even made their whole tour in Europe, something crazy. But I'd rather not talk about it. So… The only thing left to do is… do it.
  • Yumi: Yep, let's do it.
  • Jeremy: Watch out, be prepared… Energize. Just a last small detail… Here we go, the new Megapod is ready!
  • William: I have the feeling it's the same… isn't it? You wanted him to update the body, and what next?! Don't exaggerate.
  • Odd: Come here my little tubby on castors. I'll pilot you like you've never been piloted.
  • Ulrich: What? Why would it be you?
  • William: I agree with Ulrich. It should be me…
  • Aelita: I vote for Odd. He practices all the time with his video game.
  • Odd: You're right! I improve like a boss in Galactic Destructor. I rock.
  • Jeremy: I saw you're high scores, you're definitely the best. I'll give you the control. Transfer.
  • Odd: Thanks Einstein(s), I was waiting for it for too long. You'll see, I'll be perfect.
  • Ulrich: Are we going or do you intend to speak for an hour?
  • Odd: Watch out, things are going to shake! Isn't it a sport?
  • William: If you say so…
  • Aelita: Wait, it's not over yet.
  • Jeremy: Great guys, but be careful.
  • Ulrich: Do something or we are going to end up in pieces!
  • Odd: Hold on, I'll handle this. So, who's the best?
  • William: You're sick, Odd.
  • Odd: Well then next time take the bus.


  • Yumi: It's for a good cause, it's super important.
  • Girl Student: Yeah, Japan, I know but not tonight, I have a math test tomorrow.
  • Guy Student: And I'm stuck with my parents.
  • Yumi: Yeah, that's it.
  • Male Helper Student (not yet possed): Hi Yumi.
  • Yumi: Do we know each other?
  • Male Helper Student (Rémi): Yes, we're in Lv1 class together. You know. Rémi, first row, on the right.
  • Yumi: Ah yes I see, Rémi. What can I do for you?
  • Rémi: I'm free if you want.
  • Yumi: Free?
  • Rémi: Yes, I can help you. You know, for your party - for Japan.
  • Yumi: That's great, thanks a lot. It's going to be over here if you want.


  • William: Ok, how does it open?
  • Aelita: The last time it was oppened durring a shock.
  • Odd: And when we need it, there it's not. Of course.
  • Aelita: We really need to go in this time.
  • Odd: What the heck?
  • Jeremy: It's weird, it looks like… Aelita activated the opening.
  • Aelita: And what if this door had simply been created by my father?
  • Ulrich: You think so?
  • William: The last time you went in the dome, you saw a picture of your father, didn't you?
  • Aelita: Yes.
  • William: Then why can't we stay here, the answers to your questions are inside.


  • Yumi: Oh, no. I can't believe it. You broke the sound system!
  • William: Incredible. The place is hallucinating.
  • Ulrich: Yeah, I've never seen anything like that.
  • Aelita: Look, the console! It's there that we need to put the virtual keys Jeremy made.
  • Ulrich: Calm down, Aelita. You don't have any reason to be worried, your dad is a good guy.
  • Odd: Yes, he even sacrificed himself to let us destroy XANA.
  • Jeremy: I 100% agree with you. With the information you'll get, you'll see that he has nothing to do with X.A.N.A.'s return.
  • Ulrich: I hope you're right Jeremy.
  • Jeremy: Here are your peripheral devices. Go on.
  • Aelita: I'll go.
  • Odd: Hop! I love to play leapfrog.
  • Jeremy: Watch out, something's happening!
  • William: Quick, we need to catch her.
  • Ulrich: Oh no, Odd!
  • William: I got you.
  • Odd: We're bad.
  • Ulrich: We were taken by surprise, that's all. Come on, maybe we can help Jeremy.
  • Aelita: I'm falling.
  • William: I'm not going to let you go.
  • Aelita: William!
  • William: Go!
  • Aelita: Oh no, William!
  • Jeremy: Courage Aelita, you're almost there.
  • Aelita: I'm there, Jeremy, I'm there.
  • Jeremy: Hurry up, the card!
  • Ulrich: She made it.
  • Jeremy: That's good, it's downloading.
  • Odd: We were so lucky.
  • Ulrich: Can You think of something to reassure Aelita?
  • Jeremy: I hope so, I got a lot of data to analyze.
  • Odd: You were great dude!
  • William: I've been trapped too.
  • Odd: Yeah but without you Aelita would not have succeeded. Bravo!
  • William: It's great how you're good when you're not playing solo.
  • Ulrich: Yes Yumi?
  • Yumi: Ulrich, please help me.
  • Ulrich: Ok, we're coming. Come on, we need to help Yumi.
  • William: I'll come with you.
  • Jeremy: Aelita, it's good. I have the data, I started the analyzing, and I will bring you back to the Skid.


  • Yumi: Guys, thank you, thank you, thank you!
  • Odd: What do we do?
  • Yumi: Odd hmm… You take care of the garlads, William the spots, and Ulrich, you repair the sound system.
  • Ulrich: Hmm… The sound system, are you sure?
  • Yumi: Yeah hurry we don't have time to waste.
  • William: I can take charge of it if you want.
  • Yumi: No, we do like I said or we will never have the time. Ok?


  • Jeremy: Aelita. Aelita?
  • Aelita: You found something?
  • Jeremy: Listen. It's the data. Aelita, the data of the supercomputer containing the cortex.
  • Aelita: What? What does it have?
  • Jeremy: It's quantum.
  • Aelita: Like the one of my father?
  • Jeremy: Not like the one of your father, it's the same. Exactly the same.
  • Aelita: No I can't believe you. Why would my father do this? A supercomputer that X.A.N.A. could use to come back? It's a nightmare…
  • Jeremy: Sorry. It doesn't make sense, but I'll keep searching the data. Take your time to come back if you want.
  • Yumi: Is it repaired?
  • Ulrich: No it's not easy, it completely broke.
  • Yumi: I actually think you aren't putting forth enough effort. 
  • Ulrich: Maybe if I got some rest, I would make it through!
  • Yumi: Maybe on Lyoko you're the king, but here you're nothing.
  • Ulrich: You know what? For me it's the opposite. I prefer the Yumi on Lyoko than the Yumi 2.0.
  • Yumi: The Yumi 2.0?
  • Ulrich: Yeah, the one who's always giving orders! And you know what? I don't like little chiefs so I'm going. Bye.


  • Aelita: Dad? Is it you who has done this? It's you who created this machine? Answer me, please… Was it you who has allowed X.A.N.A.'s return?
  • William: Listen… I'm probably not the best person to tell you this but I think you should go back to help Yumi.
  • Ulrich: Yeah? I really don't see why I would do that.
  • William: Listen, I know it's easier to fight on Lyoko than to cope with things like that but without you, Yumi will not make it through.
  • Ulrich: I really don't understand you. Are you sincere? Nevertheless, I would bet you have a crush on her. What are you looking for, then?
  • William: Listen… I was just fed up of being seen as the bad guy. Everybody can have a second chance.


  • Jeremy: Aelita, a tower has been activated.
  • Aelita: What? Where?
  • Jeremy: In the desert sector. Quick!
  • Aelita: I'll deal with it.
  • Yumi: We will never finish in time. I'll have to cancel.
  • Ulrich: Need a hand?
  • Yumi: You came back. I'm really sorry guys.
  • Odd: It's very beautiful but I think we have a really big problem.
  • Jeremy: Watch out, X.A.N.A.'s attacking.
  • Odd: No kidding… I don't want to be a kill-joy but there's only one access to the gymnasium.
  • Ulrich: Yeah… What do we do now?
  • Yumi: We are trapped.
  • Odd: Like a rat.
  • Yumi: Ah, X.A.N.A. repaired the sound system.
  • William: Are you thinking like me?
  • Ulrich: Yeah.
  • Odd: And what are you thinking about? Because, I don't read minds, actually.
  • Ulrich: On three, we charge. It's our only chance.
  • Yumi: 3…
  • Odd: …2…
  • Ulrich: …1…


  • Rémi: Wow, what happened?
  • Odd: Bro, you fainted… Don't you do hypoglycemia?
  • Rémi: I don't know, it's the first time that happened.
  • Yumi: Great guys, we have not even been touched.
  • Odd: It's ok, can we continue?
  • Yumi: You're right, we have a lot to do. So Rémi, decorations and Ulrich and William you two can take care of the lights.
  • Odd, Ulrich, and William: Sir, yes Sir!
  • Jeremy: Aelita, where are you going?
  • Aelita: I need to look, no… I need to feel Lyoko. You know, this world just looks like my father.
  • Jeremy: What do you mean?
  • Aelita: The desert is beautiful, and calm. Not unstable and chaotic like the Cortex. So yes, the supercomputer is maybe the same as Lyoko's one, but I feel it, here I don't have the proof but I know it, my father's not responsible for X.A.N.A.'s return.
  • Jeremy: I would like to understand what's going on, Aelita. I promise.

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