Tarentule image player 432 324
HP 125
Height 2.08 metres
Weight 100kg
Speed 7/10
Attacks Laser - 20AP
First Appearance New Order

Tarantula is one of X.A.N.A.'s monsters, and the first new monster introduced in the second season.

Tarantulas resemble giant spiders with an Eye of X.A.N.A. on its head and four jointed legs. With a higher-than-average 125 life points and the vulnerable Eye on the top of their heads, they are quite difficult to destroy and one alone can wipe out the whole team single-handedly.

Tarantulas are equipped with laser cannons on the tips of their front legs that can shoot lasers causing 20 points of damage. Unlike other monsters, they do not need to charge their lasers before-hand. They can, however, charge their lasers for shots that cause 50 points of damage per hit. The Tarantula's twin laser cannon set-up allows it to fire from each leg in succession, creating a near-continuous stream of laser-fire and allotting it a near 180 degree field of fire. However, it can only fight effectively while resting on its hind legs, limiting its movement in battle and effectively keeping it from escaping. It can run on its hind legs to take long distance shots, though it can only fire at a maximum 4 times before falling back onto all fours. Compared to other monsters, they can run fairly fast due to their long legs, but cannot balance well nor climb due to the cannons on the tips of their legs, limiting their movement to relatively flat surfaces.

Unlike X.A.N.A.'s other monsters, Tarantulas are capable of communicating with each other. A pair will often have a short conversation in order to determine a course of action. They don't speak in any understandable fashion, of course, but rather through various grunts and roars.

Tarantulas will travel alone or in groups of two to four. The Tarantula's strategy often involves guarding a target since their attack method prohibits them from moving while fighting. In the case where they chase down a foe, they will run the foe into a corner, allowing them to fire continuously. In the instances where they guard a target they will simply remain in place, adjusting their position as necessary.

In Code Lyoko Evolution, Tarantulas shoot from their eye.


  • The first appearance of a Tarantula was in "New Order" in the Desert Sector.
  • The first Lyoko Warrior to destroy a Tarantula was Odd.
  • Like most of the monsters, Odd named the Tarantula.
  • It has more life points than Krabs, Hornets, Kankrelats, and Bloks.


Seasons 2-4



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