Theo gauthier

Theo in Claustrophobia.

Theo Gauthier is a student at Kadic. He was played by David Gasman in English.

He appeared in the episode Claustrophobia. He showed to having an interest in Sissi in this episode, resulting in jealousy from Herb Pichon. Although in a Time Reversion, Odd instead sparks an interest in him towards Yumi in order to prevent rivalry between Theo and Herb. However, this also is shown to have made Ulrich jealous when Theo offers to walk Yumi home from a soccer game with his arm around her.

Theo has made non-speaking appearances in other episodes. He was a "background character" for those episodes. Theo has made these "appearances" in at least 1 episode in Season 2, Season 3 and Season 4.

Comment tromper xana 289

The spectre in How to Fool X.A.N.A..

In Code Lyoko Evolution, X.A.N.A. created a spectre of a boy with a very similar appearance with Theo in the episode How to Fool X.A.N.A. to hypnotize Yumi into giving him her codes. However, it is very unlikely if the spectre was really Theo, despite their similarity.


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