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Real world Materialization-1-

Ulrich and Yumi being "translated" into the real world.

Translation, also known as Teleportation, is a function of the Skidbladnir. It is the process which Jeremie uses to materialize a member of Team Lyoko from the Skid to any location in the real world that is near a replika's Supercomputer.

The procedure is similar to Energize, as it causes the person's structure to be taken apart and reassembled. The Skid must be docked at a Replika's tower in order for the procedure to work.

Upon arriving on Earth, the Team Lyoko member is materialized as a spectre in the image of their virtual manifestations instead of their real human forms, and have access to all of their Lyoko weapons and abilities. While materialized in this way, Jeremie can still communicate with them and run programs pertaining to them such as the Laser Arrow Reload System, as if they were still on Lyoko or a Replika. Non-lethal damage that a Team Lyoko member takes while in this form causes him or her to pixelize, like a polymorphic clone would when attacked, but otherwise suffer no permanent effects of the damage other than Life point loss. If a member of Team Lyoko is badly hurt in the real world while in their Lyoko form, they get teleported back into the Skid unconscious.

After William entered Code: XANA into the Tower the Skid has docked with on the Forest Replika in Lab Rat, X.A.N.A. was able to hack into the ship's programs before it disconnected them, and deciphered the data, so it could translate some Kankrelats to the real world and later on William.

Times when used


Strengthened abilities that were never used:

Abilities used:

Weapon Upgrades used

Upgrades never used


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